Adan Abdullahi Bare, busy at Trauma Training

In life, you come across so many people, those who live in your memory and those who are just another face in life’s endless cycle. At my work department with SOYDEN, I was privileged and honored to work alongside a gentleman with so much qualities and dedication to enhance the peace process in Somalia.

Mr Adan Abdullahi Bare, whom I have learned quite a lot of knowledge from, could have had it easy but chose to come to Mogadishu and pass on his wealth of information. Generally, most tend to always choose the easy route but from what I had witnessed from Mr Bare, the path to undemanding tasks is not an option.

Somalia is going through a real challenging development but with a lot of optimisms in the air for change, peace and prosperity. The road is not quite as easy as it seems but with determined citizens, it can lead to so many advantages to us as a whole.  One always tends to forget those who work behind the scenes with courage, commitment and determination, and Adan is one of those who contribute countless amounts of efforts to oversee the stabilization for Somalia.

  Speaking very recently to Adan, I asked him with great interest on why he chose to come to Somalia when he could have lived Wajir with stable peace, he answered frankly “I came over because Somalia is my neighbour and there in security affects me too and I also felt a great concern, and as an human, felt it is more than an obligation.”

Adan – the Trauma Healer and a founder member of Wajir Peace & Development Committee (WPDC), who also happens to be very optimistic, added “I see Somalia with greater security than now within a few months, let alone year!” The positivity of that remark caught with me like a contiguous spread. 

Leading the Trauma Healing and Peace Building project at my work department with SOYDEN, Not only is it helpful for me personally on having an individual with so much experience, but very useful for our wider community who he provides with trainings, reconciliation and healing sessions.

Individually, it’s a great privilege and an opportunity to enhance my wealth of experience and knowledge in the long run. “The day you stop learning is the day you die” was one very useful info I had always kept on my mind, and I believe this is where it plays best. 

Well done to my colleague and I am sure, in whichever field destiny takes him forward, success will follow.

Here I have added 2 awards he had won recently while in Kenya and wanted to share with you all.

21st September 2011During the 2011 International Peace Day, Awarded the 2011 National Peace Award by the government of Kenya through the Regional Commissioner – Upper North Eastern, Kenya

12th December 2012Head of State Commendation (HSC) Awarded by H.E Mwai Kibaki, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)