Seek the Truth

I haven't been updating anything lately, this is partly due to me doing a lot of research both domestically and internationally. i am only speaking and writing from my point of view. one point i want to make clear is this "freedom of speech" saying. Now, lately, there seems to be so much business in the market. Business, which I mean Double standards, both by the media and politicians. let me just get through 2 things i want to air out. firstly, what does freedom of speech mean. Does it mean:

A: Write and say how you feel without any legalities
B: Write and say on Limited issues.

If it is for A, then i really hope it stays that way without skipping to B.

I am a young immigrant who was born in Somalia, A war torn Country which I haven't had any upbringing on it. Secondly, I am a Muslim. Yes, A Muslim who does not practice hate or preach hate. When people hear Muslim, the media has portrayed them to hear "Terrorism". its a shame how a vast majority of the globe can be so ignorant. Islam is a way of life. it teaches Values, Brotherhood, Love, Care for the poor and patience. these are just a few i picked up from. the list is endless; Cleanness, humble, respect, gratitude, Loyalty etc... the list goes on. one can only assume Rupert Murdoch, who by the way looks like he will beat this so called "Phone Hacking" case, has tightly gripped his power over to his son to continue to "ignorance" he has showed.

I just want to sum up my post, seek the truth. wherever you go, seek the truth. dont be a little cattle where you got people thinking for you. think for yourself. Seek the Truth because i am sure the truth will seek you. Ramadan Kariim to everybody.

Deeq - PPG - Editor