Coming to Mogadishu with a national Airline company which belongs to Somalia, I don’t think you can better than that. We first circled around Mogadishu, looking at beautiful waves hitting the white Sandy beaches of Xaamar Cadde.

The first thing that hits you when you land is the beautiful backdrop of a blue ocean sited right next to Aden Abdullah Airport. This is a beautiful city and a beautiful Country. I landed at Aden Abdullah International Airport at 13.35pm, from go, my head was asking itself, Why cannot I live here?  

When you step outside Aden Abdullah Airport, the first thing you realise is the amount of AK-47s people have. But these people are not warlords, they have been tasked to lookout for trouble-makers and any Terrorists looking to de-stabilise Mogadishu. I was told by my father, who picked me up, that this is nothing compared to last year where everybody somehow carried an assault rifle. If this is nothing, then I wouldn’t want to image last year.

As me and my father, who by the way picked me up from Aden Abdullah wearing Ray bans, where heading back to our house, I heard a bang and looked back thinking who bumped into our car. I realised quickly this bang was not a car accident but a bullet to the sky by the police telling us to move out of the way because they had to deal with an Emergency. “Welcome to Mogadishu” my father stated.

Mogadishu has been ravaged by a Deadly Civil war and an Ideology war for 20 years. People have been scarred. When you talk to a local Xamaari’s, (Another word for Mogadishu’s Native People), you can see something is not quite right. Frustration, Anger, War, just to name a few, but they all had a smile. These people deserve an award for bravery and a Humanitarian award for living through a brutal war.

This is my land, these are my people. I cannot but try to find a way into which I can help them. I went to visit my Extended family in which I haven’t seen for 2 Decades. It really touched me. I sensed, just by looking into their eyes, my people are hurting. But then again, when they saw me, they glimpsed hope because the Diaspora is coming back. Signs of good times on its way.

I love Mogadishu and can only pray that Allah makes my people from now onwards, enjoy their life without fearing somebody will shoot them or injure them.  The clan based war has stopped. You can now walk around without worrying if people are going to ask you “What is your tribe”.

I also want to say Somalis reading this, Come back, COME BACK. Let’s take back Mogadishu back like Egypt or Libya, Tunisia and even Syria, who are trying to take back their countries.
From the Bottom of my Heart, Please come back because this is a beautiful country to Waste and this is our LAND.
Deeq – PPG - Editor