The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia's(TFG) time is coming to an end. What have they achieved and What is the future outcome of Somalia?

 Recently, as August 2011 up until the day I am writing this blog(22/06/2012, Mogadishu, Somalia's Capital has seen major changes to its Terror and Destruction over the last 22 years of Civil War. Somalia has moved over from Clan based battles to Ideology Warfare. It has reached to the point where one is considered Disbeliever just for listening to music. And where another is labelled an "Al-Shabab", A bunch of Criminals looking for Fame and are being instigated by a third party to cause havoc and terror among Somali's, Just for loving the Religion of the Almighty Allah.

Shiekh Sharif Shiekh Ahmed

 Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Somalia's Interim President, Has in my opinion done a lot for us, As Nation of Somali's. One can speculate how no real change has arrived in Somalia but you have to give credit to the fact that Sheikh Ahmed has indeed brought relatively calm era in Mogadishu, Somalia's Capital and once known as the "Worlds Most Dangerous City".

 Somalia has reached as low as possible gravity can take you. If you dig deep into the soil of planet earth, one can only go so low to the point where there isn't any lower place to go. We have sunk the bottom but slowly, and gradually, we are now starting to float up. It may take years or it may take Century's, One thing is for sure, we HAVE to go up.

 The major obstacle we had was clan based rivalry's. At present, The love for our country is slowly but surely erasing this disease of "Clan Loyalty". My main focus is Mogadishu because if Mogadishu see's peace, its like domino, it will spread across the whole nation.

 I remember a friend of mine, who recently traveled to India told me about an incident he witnessed in Delhi. 2 young men, 1 Muslim and one Sikh, had a dispute and where about to come to an altercation. A old man, who watching the whole scene, couldn't keep quite any longer and stood up, Passionately singing the Indian National Anthem. With a few seconds of him singing, the 2 men who nearly came to blows both started crying and hugged each other as respect for Mother India.

 Now, Can we see that at home? I'm sure we can.

 4 More Years Mr President Sheikh Ahmed

Shiekh Ahmed Visiting Ka'aba


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)