Business is Booming in Mogadishu

Today was a day in which I had to glance into the past and future. Mogadishu was known for its beach resorts and restaurants on the tip of the white sandy beaches. I went to Liido Restaurant, a new restaurant opened by a London Diaspora who brought together a few business men to set up eating place right in the backdrop of the ocean. 

As soon as the guards searched and tapped us, A thing I got use to since I came here, we entered into a Large hut, going round in circles, with only the roof covered. I thought, if this is Mogadishu, then we are finally going places. 

When we took a seat, I looked over seeing couple familiar faces from back in London. When we started greeting each other, we all had one thing on our minds, we are home. 

Do not get me wrong, it’s not all gloom in Mogadishu, there is still poverty around but my vision on this blog is strictly on security means.

The food was not so bad itself, only a slow service, relatively due to inexperienced staff, but as a whole, I was impressed. I was impressed on terms of feeling secure and feeling relatively stress free.

They say in Mogadishu, you can now hear more nails banging then bullets. I can testify on that.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)