Diaspora is back

Within their 1000’s, plane after plane is landing. When you reach the immigration section in Aden Abdulle, there are two different sections, the Somali Nationals and the Foreign National. I am a Somali but had to go through the foreign section due to the fact I carried a different passport. Word in the street is the foreign section is outnumbering the national section 8 to 1. Days go by when the National section can be pretty empty and staffs have to fill in the foreign side.

Walking in the city, you can now notice who is a Diaspora and who is a local. Nike’s, Ralph Laurens and a rare glimpse of a Louie Viutton is being wavered around in Mogadishu. Just recently, I had the balls to bring my Ray ban Sunglasses from my suitcase. We are back; you may not believe this but you actually seeing the revival of a great city.

One only has to feel enough safe to be secure. We have young women from the Diaspora walking around with their head hardly covered. Now, of course we are a Muslim nation, and thank Allah, but you also need to be tolerant. One cannot judge ones clothes when ones action is totally un-Islamic.

Truly, and Alhamdulillah Mogadishu is reviving and I can only praise Allah to be witnessing history in the making.

Freedom isn’t far, all we need now is to push even further and patiently, I am sure we can witness a Different City within 4-6 Years Inshallah.

They are estimated that 1 Million Somali’s are coming back to Mogadishu within a Year’s time.
Do not be the other million and miss out.

Free Somalia

Deeq – Editor - PPG