Freedom is Rising

ONE WEEK, And I can pretty much say, I am home. All I see are people who are the same race as me.

Xamar is a peaceful city at the moment. Everything looks back to normal. People are rebuilding their lives and livelihood. You do hear the odd bullet going off but this is due to some of the police force high of marqaan.

 Amid the Ruins,The city is buzzing, and the Disporia are coming back. Ive met some Fellow brits and quite a few American youths who, just like me, are back on home soil since, a few of them their first times, childhood.

People are walking about freely. I catched a Matatu bus (Local Bus service) to visit some of my uncles and I must say, it felt real blessing to be able to travel by bus in my hometown. I never in a million years ever thought i would be able to travel freely in Mogadishu. You only have to see it to belive it.

Inshallah I can hopefully post up some pictures to actually make you feel and see how it is back home.
Now all we got to do is wait for August 20th Presidential Elections, and hopefully 4 more years Mr Sharif.

Deeq – PPG - Editor