No Turning Back

2 decades of constant violence and war equal to famine and depression. From here, there should be no turning back. This is it. We cannot fail to look back and waste this opportunity of peace and prosperity because of a few dozen. Every political establishment has its own corrupt side and its own legitimate side. A few corrupt officials do not need to take us back to the doom and gloom of the 90’s and late 2000’s where we had atrocities were one cannot imagine.

Recently, as you may have heard or have not, there was a recent report detailing the Level of corruption within the Somali Political circle. This should not in any form harm our peace process.
I don’t not want to get into details on this due to the legitimacy of the report still being investigated, but it should not get in the way of our transaction from an acting government to a full legitimate political transition.

However, if this reports investigation does state that it is true, then we need to clean up our politicians. And we need to act fast.

My next report, which will hopefully be posted come Friday, I will be talking to the locals and interviewing mogadishians who have been living through the war about their feeling towards the Diaspora coming back.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)