Team Somalia Olympics

The Olympics are taking place and the whole nation’s focal point is on London. Mohamed and Zamzam are our only Olympic hopefuls and damn are they making us proud already. I’ve always wanted to witness the magic flash of where I would be cheering on my fellow countrymen/women, wherever the situation.

These 2 young athletes have done us proud and moved us emotionally due to their personality, charisma and enthusiasm. They have witness more in their young lives then an average retiree British women or man have witness in their whole 60+ years. We are rooting for them, whether we are in Minneapolis, Mogadishu or Dubai. Just to see them representing us gives the young a belief and hope to pursue.

I can only pray and root for their triumph. Win or lose, we are proud as Somalis and I am sure the world is cheerful of them for coming over all these obstacles that where put in front of them.
Inshallah, Zamzam and Mohamed have already done us proud, now we have to show them the love back.


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)