The battle has began

The battle for Somalia has begun. With less than a month to go, Political leaders are commencing their battle to be elected for the president of Somalia. At the moment, there are presently over 10 candidates for running for presidency. The current transitional president, Mr. Sharif Ahmed, is once more running for presidency.

So what can we look forward to and who can we expect to see as the next Somali President?
What we as a nation anticipate is a President who is patriotic, ambitious and has leadership skills. If we expect Somalia to go somewhere far independently, then this is our only arrangement. We also anticipate a number of other things:
·         A god Fearing President
·         Peace Loving Leader
·         Trust Worthy
·         Neutral President
·         Honest
·         Imaginative
·         Positive mindset leader
·         Role – Model
·         Good Listener

Alongside these points I programmed, the leader of our nation needs to be an ambitious individual who has goals and targets to reach for him and for the nation. In order for us, the public to know who is who, I believe the candidates should also host a live TV debate to see how we can decide and how can we, as a nation see for ourselves the individuals personality as this is a key to get the nation behind you as whole.

21 years of a war which was all about greed and selfishness, one must in conclusion be able to say through experience, we need to work together. We need to live together and help each other for our children’s future and our own future. I am 26 years old and have been outside Somalia for 20 years. I was grateful enough to be born in Somalia. There are almost an extra 1 Million or more who were not fortunate enough like me to be born in Somalia. We are losing our culture fast and dramatically. One can only hope that we do not lose our culture, history and stories for eternity.

Whoever wins this next election should recognize a whole generation is rested on his shoulders. If he fails, he has God to answer. If he succeeds, then history will consider him as the 1 man who guided and held Somalia’s future while it was on the brink of extinction.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)