5 days more and counting. Somalia is on the brink of a change. At least that’s what we all hope. I am writing this report with a great enthusiasm. The atmosphere in Somalia is buzzing. Cars with their presidential nominee and large trucks full of people chanting another candidates name and waving his pictures. It seems as if we Somalis are ready for change and stability, ready for this anticipated election. One only has to see for him/herself to feel the excitement running through Mogadishu.

21 years of anarchy and struggle looks to be wiped of the map. At this precious moment, we are witnessing history to actually see for once, euphoria of political interest throughout the country. From young to old, rich or poor, all hoping to see this election go through. We have seen enough to let this opportunity go to waste.

After a recent pool we conducted at MogaTribune, the race is tight and with no clear leader. President Sharif, his prime minister Abdiweli Gass , the house of speaker, Sharif Staakin, the arrival of former prime minister Mohamed “Farmaajo” and khalif AbdulKadir Moalin Nuur of the Alhu Sunnah wal Jamayca party to name just a few who are in this race.

We, the Somali public could not really care less about the winners tribe or background, just that he is fair, just and a god-fearing leader. Somalia has to get rid of this Tribalism and clan mentality of we want to progress to a society which is advanced, fair and just. We have seen so many promises in this great crisis we are going through. In one of my other reports title The battle has Begun, I listed some detailed criteria that our president elect must fit into. They include:
·         A god Fearing President
·         Peace Loving Leader
·         Trust Worthy
·         Neutral President
·         Honest
·         Imaginative
·         Positive mindset leader
·         Role – Model
·         Good Listener

With this personality and specification, we are bound to see the great anticipated revival of Mother Somalia.

Inshallah I will be posting up a report on the eve of the Election.

We at MogaTribune would also like to wish every member in the Somali and Muslim community and their families a blessing and joyous EID MUBARAK.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)