Emerging from chaos, we can finally breathe and look forward to the future. We are free. Free of Clan based hate and now free from extremist. On the 20th of August, we should finally know who officially, is our president. One thing is for sure, our future president cannot and should  not forget the youth.

We, the youth, will determine how Somalia moves forward. Let alone the ones based in Somalia, there over millions of young hungry youths in the Diaspora who want their country back. We, the diaspora, are tired of being foreigners. We want our country back. There are vast amount that are losing our culture, tradition and stories. This cannot go on. The president must listen to the youth. The majority of our elders all have clan based ideology. But we do not. We want a society which is just and free to everybody, regardless of their clan.

When I arrived in Mogadishu, I could not relate to any of my peers. Some see us  as foreigners in our own land. But we all had one thing in common, bring back Mother Somalia we never had the chance to experience but have heard about all our lives. We, the Diasporas, want to contribute to our nation. If everybody can work together and listen to each other, Somalia will be unstoppable. We have been placed all over the world. If all the ideas and education we consumed from abroad was put into our great Mother Somalia, then tell me what could stop, which would be, our rapid progress?
What we want is a leader who sees our hunger and desire for Somalia. One cannot be classed as not knowing anything about Mother Somalia just because he/she is part of the Diaspora. We will not let people put us into the side. We love Somalia. I have vast amount of cousins based in Somalia and they all cannot believe the desire I have for my country. I love Somalia just as much as any other Somali.

Now is the time to bridge the gap and for once to take advantage of the opportunity Allah has given as Somalis to re-emerge from the rubble. It’s never too late to wake up.

We can only pray now that Somalia elects a leader who understands the benefits of the youth. Whether they were based in Somalia or have come back from the Diaspora.

Inshallah we just have to pray and hope, at least for another 6 months. If things do not improve, then we must take back our country and follow the steps of our brothers in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia Inshallah.

One thing’s for sure, the time for patience and hoping is expiring. We need to enter an era where we take back our Mother Somalia. Inshallah.

Deeq – Editor - PPG