Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country
-          John F Kennedy

Well, so many delays, roadblocks and obstacles where put in front of us. But its looks as if things are going to plan, but behind schedule. But other than that, the selected MPs, who were sworn in the day the presidential election was suppose to happen, 20th August, have a tough challenge ahead of them. 26 Presidential candidates, each paying $10,000 each for the registration fee are now fighting for the top seat. You may have read our article; HOUSE OF SPEAKER SEAT CHOSEN, HOW? This fully explained the procedures on the election.

The top candidates: From top left clockwise: Mohamed Farmaajo, Shiekh Sharif (Current President)
Sharif Hassan (Now excluded; read House of speaker chosen, how?) Hassan Shiekh, Abdiweli Ali "Gass"
Abdirahman Badiyow
You see, the predicament we are now facing is picking a person in charge who will not win on the amount he/she’s has paid behind closed doors, but of their leadership skills. But if we think positively, this is a remarkable moment. This is an occasion Somalia has to demonstrate we are capable of changing the path of our future. We must now all drive forward together and be tolerant towards one another, whatever the issue may be.

Enough is enough. If you are a Somali and based abroad presently reading this article; when will you actually think about heading home and taking the effort to help rebuild our country? Isn’t it time you packed your bags and headed home, As we would say, when I was in England; “Grab your balls and head home mate”!

From today, I will be posting up articles everyday until the day of the official election on the 10th September 2012, to give you all an update to any changes and the favourites with who said what, where and why.

Stay tuned for more blockbuster events!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)