20th Aug: Somali MPs held Inauguration day. They will
decide now by voting for the future President on Monday
A live debate and talk by the Presidential hopefuls took place tonight. This was a chance for the candidates to convey their ideas, To the selected MPs who will be voting, on how to outline the future of our great Nation and vision for Somalia.

We've seen the front 3 top favourites, current President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Gass and Mohamed Farmaajo. It was a pale but very straight narrowed speech by the 3. There was no tit for tat speeches like before, just a very professional manner in which all the candidates gave out. Every expectant had 45 minutes to sell his ideas. And they did what they had to do.

The room was at first, very serious. It looked determined, and it should be. But its amazing what a little bit of humour can do.

The biggest cheer of the night came for Salad Ali jeelo, a man who had a personality that lit the entire room. He came in with a broad smile and, reading constantly from his notes, it did not look as if he really wanted the presidency but to bring a some sense of humour to a very stubborn environment. And he did just that.

He may not receive single vote, but this man showed us how we as a nation have changed and are craving for some banter, here and there. And a little laughter is healthy for a nation such as us, who had faced continuous terror and panic for 21 years.

At the closing of the debates, the House of Speaker, Mr Jowari reminded the MPs once again, with a firm clear voice, just how important these debates are. A Whole nation counted on them, and personally, I felt a link with Mr Jowari. He seemed like a man who knew what he wanted for the nation and made clear the expectations the MPs where put upon.

Another 15 are scheduled for tomorrow, stay tuned.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)