Mr Sharif at the United Nations General Assembly

Current President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, held a congregation for all his supporters  at the newly opened City Palace Hotel, which drew a whole lot of all-stars. amid the crowd, were MPs, former leaders, comedians and members of all tribes across the country. Former Prime Minister, Mohamed Ali Gedi, Alhus Sunna Wal Jameyca leader AbdulKadir Maacalin Nur, Top Police Generals, Army Generals and current mayor Mohamud Tarsan. Also in attendance were former rivals for the seat but who now are pushing Sheikh Sharif for Another term in the seat.

What stood out from the crowd was the amount of people who came from the Diaspora to give their backing for Mr Sharif. And as usual our women, god bless them, kept up the spirit in the hall with poetry which constantly got Huge applause each time they sung it even to the point Mr Sharif had to get involved and sing along.

He came up at the end to finalise the gathering. Put up quite a few jokes here and there. The biggest shock came when his wife, live on television, collapsed due to dehydration. It was announced that she was tired, due to the gathering lasting since the morning up until way through the night. She got a big cheer as she made her way out to get some fresh air.

The main event for the “Blockbuster” event has arrived. The selling of one another is finished. This is it. Tomorrow will be a challenging test for us Somalis as a nation. It is the first step of our revival. The real work starts on Tuesday, this will be the day we see how the losers of the election will take their defeats.

But let’s be optimistic, change has arrived and it is here to stay, regardless of your feeling.

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Mohamed Hassan (Dj)