This is the moment. The moment we have been praying for. 21 years of non-government problems and war with famine. 2 decades of our lives have been wasted on moving from one country to another. We have been given a chance by Allah to set our issues straight. Over 200+ MPs will secretly choose a President to lead Somalia.

Port of Mogadishu
There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes talk of candidates buying the seat and offering compensation in return for a vote. I pray to Allah that the MP’s realise they have the trust of the whole nation. Think before you vote. You are playing with our future. All eyes are fixed on you. Do not let us down like previous failed MPs who had only corruption on their mind. We are counting on you to select a fair leader with your hearts. Money comes and goes but a great leader can give every single Somali a brighter future. We have natural resources which have still not been found. We have Gas reserves, Oil, the longest coastline in Africa. We have been blessed to be located in a strategic position on the horn of Africa. When ships head for Europe, instead of going around South Africa, they cut from the Gulf of Aden which saves many months for them. The Gulf of Aden belongs to us.

With a maximum population of 15 Million Somalis, there was a recent study which was published that stated, with Somalia’s natural reserves, each Somali worldwide can get a share of at least 2 Million Dollars excluding the resources which can go back into the country. This is a staggering figure and we all just pray to Allah that, come tomorrow, the MPs refuse any cash offers but vote with a clear conscious.  
If they vote wisely, we can all prosper as nations who have suffered enough. Somalia was once the might of Africa, whether it came down to military, production or state of living. Mogadishu was the top holiday destination in Africa. We had it all but lost it in a moment of panic.

Mogadishu - 1988
Thanks to all our prayers, the good days are surely on the comeback. Allah has guided us to finally think straight and to fix this problem. I want to end this note with the now historic speech:

"Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your Country"
                                                     - John F Kennedy 1961


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)