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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, New Somali President,
being sworn in

We got ourselves a new chief in Town. Incumbent president Sheikh Sharif handed over the leadership to Hassan Sheikh in a ceremony that had African Leaders and Arab representatives present with our Turkish counterparts.

 It seemed incredible to witness this historic moment. Remember Somalia had ever only had 2 elections since our Independence in 1960. Throughout that time, Siaad Barre was leader of the country through a dictatorship regime. But we must also recognise Siaad Barres era was the most successful period Somalia has ever witnessed.

We have seen better days Somalia but personally, I haven’t. I was born in 85 and Siaad Barre’s Government collapsed in 91. Come the next year, I was off to London, England. But I have read, watched and listened to countless times the days of Siaad Barre. How the country was the most powerful nation in Africa and Mogadishu winning countless time as the cleanest City in Africa.

Seeing my Fathers smile when Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was sworn in, I truly saw the excitement and the joy he was going through. I looked around the hall and there was a buzz about, a buzz that I cannot describe. The good days are coming back.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took over the helm with the full backing of the people. Those present at the inaugural ceremony was the leader of Djibouti, the vice Prime Minister of Turkey, Ethiopian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Uganda and several other representatives from the Arab Nations and Africa.

The ceremonial started with singing and dancing. We Somali’s are nation of poet and love to sing. You couldn’t possibly imagine that this time last year, it would have been impossible to get these entire guests in one hall, with music and dancing, without the possibility of a terrorist lurking someone amongst the crowd. It was a moment we Somalis took full control of. The globe was watching and we did ourselves proud.

One also has to give credit to Sheikh Sharif. He was the man who liberated the city free of Al-Shabab with the help of AMISOM. He has played a vital role in this battle.

Former President Sheikh Sharif handing over the flag to new
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (centre)
He handed over the rule to Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a briefcase, which reminded me of the red box that Chancellor of the Exchequer in England carries around but this time it was a brown box! It seemed very protocol and very professional. Head of leaders all spoke and so did the diplomats that were present. As a way of respect, people gave them time to talk but hardly anyone can remember what any of them said due to the fact that everyone was more eager to hear the new President speak.

When it was the time for him to talk and give out a national speech to the people, the whole hallway erupted in massive applause and singing of the national anthem. He was firm and professional. He needed to be as Somalia was going through a massive change but lacked any leadership. He knew it was the moment and the fact that all eyes were on him.

 He talked very directly, and briefly, about 4 agendas which have affected our nation and need to be addressed. 1 Security, 2 Economy, 3 Reconciliation, 4 National Unity. These four are a must for the President and will determine his legacy. But Rome was not build in a day.

It is a new era and a new leader. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is officially our President and I want to send my fall backing to him. I have every assurance in his capability and leadership. If anything, he is the one who can guide us, with Allah’s help, to lead Somalia as an established Nation which can be a force, once again, in Africa.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Welcome and know that you have all our backing with 100% commitment.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


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