There was a double suicide bombing today, both in a restaurant where a lot of politicians, journalist and ordinary people come to chill, drink coffee and socialise. 14 people were killed, including 3 young journalists, with 60 injured. My condolences go out to their family in this tragedy. Those involved must be caught and put to justice.

 Enough is enough.

 I’ve been to this restaurant a lot of times and know personally the owner. He use to live in London, like me, and came to Somalia to help the progress the country is going through. He created a lot of jobs for the unemployed and now so many people are feeding their families because of his vision. He also has 2 other restaurants in Mogadishu. From what I heard, he’s safe and was not present when it happened.

We thought we had all moved on. Yes we did but we haven’t moved on to an extent where we must all unite, the people and the government, against al-Shabab. This terrorist organisation must and will be stopped immediately. We all need to be aware and alert to mark out any suspicious behaviours and movements. We have to report what we hear and see. I am sure the community is scared but we need to put our fears aside for our future and our children.

This will not stop our progress.

 We have come so far to bow to their pressure. Allah is on our side and we will exterminate them from the face of the earth. Inshallah!


Deeq – Editor - PPG


  1. Dear Deeq, thank you for writing this and for the info. Am glad at least Ahmed is safe, what a tragic event and lives destroyed for no apparent reason!

    We need more Mogadishu residents to write about such events so we can all share ideas and views for ways forward. I very much like your point that "we all need to be aware and alert to mark out any suspicious behaviour and movement...and report", if this is encouraged and ppl know where to report and that their report will be confidential, it might be the best way to intercept future bombing campaigns. Stay safe and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I think religion in Somalia is as destructive as tribalism, and now that have clear understanding of the evils of tribalism we need to look at religion similar way. You say keep faith but faith is blind following of something not factual. I think Islam has some evil parts that we should discuss open and transparent fashion.

    Intaasu waa iga guubaabo.

    Guuleed J. Samatar

  3. Guuleed;

    When I stated faith, it can have nemorous meanings to it. What I am trying to say is to keep up the determination and ambitious euphoria that is going through Somalia for progress and nabad at the moment. Faith being blind is of your personal opinion. Faith alone can have so many advantages. Without faith, Life would not be as beautiful as it is with faith. Believing in something throws away all insecurity.

    Deeq - Editor - PPG


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