Tedx Mogadishu and what took you so long Foundation did an event called Social Good Summit, where they showed how technology and Mogadishu is keeping pace together. They invited me to do an interview on the benefits of what technology had brought to Mogadishu. Technology has changed the world, no doubt. It was a brilliant moment to showcase that Mogadishu is reviving and surviving despite the chaos it has faced over the past 21 years.

Here is a short preview of the video (see if you can spot me) and be sure to tune live on September 24th, at - 1pm Mogadishu time (11am GMT). It will make you feel inspired and give you a different prospective of Mogadishu. The beauty of its people and the city as whole will sure make you smile.

Care to enjoy.

I will also do a summary report on the event come tomorrow evening. Stay Tuned!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


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