Confident, some were assertive, dull while motivated. Ambitious, few had no ambition or little planning. Others had Personality and only 3 or 4 were destined to be great leaders. Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad etc... Just some character personalities I listed while observing and listening to each nominee one by one, expressing his goal for Somalia. You may have examined my last post titled The Great Debate Part 1.

Today’s scrap was little appealing. Was it because it was done in the morning when I was fresh with a cup of coffee and had full attention or was it that part 1 left me exhausted because it ran deep into the night? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I was persistently writing notes on each candidate. I want to keep my personal opinion on the presidential candidacy to myself.  This is due to the fact that I don’t want to come across as being biased when the motto of my blog is “Fair, Balanced and determined.”

That said, enough of me. To their advantage, The nominees who were left to speak woke up with the knowledge of hearing last night’s candidates on the promise’s they want to accomplish. They had a head start to be fair. Some were elegant enough to add the missing Key fundamental issues regarding Somalia, Security, Poverty and Somaliland. How are we going to get rid of all these guns by persuading the people to put their weapons down? How will we begin a technique of collecting tax to fund the poor on providing them with shelters? What can we do to persuade Somaliland to join the table to contribute and build a great Mother Somalia? The dialogues had more to do with statistics and wants. There was a lack of must on the agendas. We want and we must have 2 different dominant meanings.

The voting, by the way it will be nominated by the MPs, will be an interesting one. There was a sense of sparkle about the whole process. It was professional and very timing. Each man had his time and was told precisely when the time was up. Mr Jowari, House of Speaker, made sure his influence was once again felt loud and clear.

This is the first time as a population that we feel positive about this election. First, it will be done inside the capital, Mogadishu. And second, there wasn’t any foreign diplomat or whatsoever nearby at the meeting. Just all Somali nationals and that is a huge declaration by us Somalis, who have numerous times been told we need outsiders to guide us to shape a government.

With the election on Monday, Inshallah we must take advantage of the opportunity we have been given by Allah to a full maximum.

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Mohamed Hassan (Dj)