Group Photo

 Celebrations are complete and it’s back to the actual work. I got invited to a consultation arranged by SOYDEN where at least a 70 people attended including 4 MPs, where we all united ideas on how we can deal with the raising trauma cases across Somalia. As you would all know by now, Somalia has been ravaged by a deadly civil war which has lasted for 21 years.

It was a very interesting dialogue and it raised the benefit on how women can play a major role in this crisis and offer them a leading character which I agree 100%. Women are our Mothers, Sisters and the main foundation of each and single one of us. Their presence brought a fresh air into the environment in which they contributed quite a lot of knowledge. There were several ideas we all shared and contributed. It was a beautiful and a humble experience for me personally. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference to a degree where we exchanged networks with each other to bring more players into the dialogue.

What we now face is a young population who have seen so much throughout their young lives that it is impossible for them to wipe away the memories they have witnessed. Among the attendees were the 16 district peace committees of Mogadishu, each with 3 rep present. Each district sent 3 representatives from a peace committee’s that they have set up and chosen citizens from their counties. It was a privilege to be at the conference and I have learned a lot of knowledge from the dialogue.

Now what we need to do is put action into the ideas we contributed in order to help our people.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)