There is a great sense of believe hitting the political atmosphere in Somalia. The last week alone, I had the privilege of speaking to few former candidates who were running for the Presidential seat in Somalia. Some have returned to their “homes” in places like Americas or Europe. But there are some who are not willing to leave the nation as a whole. It shows the determination that we as Somali’s finally have for our great Country.

I met Abdurrahman Badiyow yesterday (07/10/12) in Nairobi. A very intellectual man who really wants change for the nation whether it’s just a little progress or more ambition for the nation. Mr Badiyow is a very smart man. A sophisticated individual who is always seeking for more in Somalia. He could have thrown in the towel and headed back to America but has decided that he wants to contribute his wealth of ideas to Somalia.

Now, heading back to the scene of the Presidential election, there were a vast amount of candidates from the Diaspora all looking to lead Somalia. Fast forward only a month, there are only handfuls still in Africa. The rest just seemed to have disappeared of the map. It’s a shame really, it shows the that the MPs have done the right thing in electing a President who has stayed all this time in Somalia during the 21 years of brutal war we encountered. One who has always campaigned for a better Somalia and helping the nation while being a Dean at Simad University.

Back to Badiyow, I really believe that those like him who have lost the election but are still in the area to contribute, ought to be given some kind of governmental post.  It just makes sense. This is the era where all input is needed, however little. This is our first ever government in 21 years and others should be helping to pave the way for stability in order to get other parties set up so that in the next 4 years, we can have political institutions ready in order to broaden the choices. Now is not the time to dismiss or stir any negativity towards our new government.

We should be helping the nation raise up in its own 2 feet so that tomorrow we can have place parties that we can choose to vote for whom we want to lead Somalia. However, that being said, there is an air of optimism in Somalia that cannot be denied.


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)