New Confirmed Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid

Well there you have it, wave goodbye to the transitional (Dowlaada ku meel gaarka as we call it) era. Play time is over; we now boast a legitimate federal government in Somalia. After continuous fails and a lot of hard work from numerous transition governments, we have now the 3 major professions vacant. The President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, House of Speaker Mohamed Jawaari and a new confirmed Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid.

Mr Shirdon Saaid’s job was the last outstanding post left. Saaid, a political newcomer, has been a prominent businessman in neighbouring Kenya. It remains to be seen if he can handle the pressure of administrating Somalia with issues regarding:
4.5 Formula
The Sovereignty of the State
And building Institutions
Supporting the IDPs

The Prime Minister and his Administration have a tough task ahead of them. But with the determination we all putting effort too, one will surely prevail. He now has, with maximum, 2 weeks to form an administration and to make his presence felt. He unquestionably has to bring in new faces that are qualified to the task. This is the key to change. We have altered and reformed with new individuals and now is the time to continue the trend.

Somalia is consisted of millions of citizens so he must question himself, why are we only faced by pupils, who have corruption circling their careers, wanting governmental posts? He has to search far and wide over the oceans to pick top candidates for positions.

Mr Prime Minister, do what is right for Somalia and never accept rewards for favours. Please realise that wealth is temporary but history is permanent.

We are willing to support the Government and we are waiting for your programs. Change has come to Somalia. Just make it the right change.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)