It’s not a buried top secret inside the Somali communities that as a population, we are a community who like to have a discussion. And then chat some more. It’s been imbedded in our DNA ever since known to us. Whether we socialize with reference to sports, work, and politics or whatever else, we just cannot seem to talk any fewer, and it’s not stopping any-time sooner. Here in Mogadishu, The capital, it’s no stranger. Ever since I've been here, I am certain that I've talked more in these 5 months then I did the Last previous 5 years! But what is it that can we have so much info to express ourselves? Like I said, it can be anything, just as long as the conversation is moving steadily along and everyone is taking part, this is the goal. Take part. Put your info. Whatever it is, contribute.

Lately, settling into my new home environment, apart from the usual politics talk, we Somalis are now talking about the opportunities we have. Never in the last 21 years has this topic been expressed more than ever. Yes, we do have internal issues we must deal with, and fast as well. Yes, we must put all effort in providing IDPs with as much resource as possible, as humans and fellow citizens, it is our duty. And yes, we still have terrorist lurking within the community, and are being dealt with. But above all, Neighborhood security is what we must, already main goal of the government, target first and it should remain it so. You see, without security, everything collapses. Whether its society, infrastructure, political ambitions. Life itself collapses. So our main strategy In Somalia should attach to security.  Universal sense must prevail here. How can you provide assistance to communities when you have bullets flying above you? Yes you can try, but what we dealing with are not your average sharp shooters or gangbangers. No, these are people who are willing to take their own lives, and others. It’s challenges which, with Allah’s help, we will overcome very soon and finish these terrorist once and for all.

Yes our communities are craving for progress, but a growth with peace. Nabad (Somali term for peace) is in the air across Somalia. You cannot deny that fact. It really does seem that we Somalis had enough of war, trouble and chaos. Yes we have some minorities who still want to cause as much problem as possible, but they are evaporating fast. It’s only a matter of time before they are eliminated permanently.

Let’s face the facts, we must first sort out and program safety into Somalia. Times were you can walk across this beautiful city without any fright. Periods were you can sit in the beach, late at night watching the moonlight without any care of a shell landing beside you. There must come a time where we can chill in cafes or at the city centre, as usual, having our long conversations but this time, running late into the evenings. Periods were youths are playing football delayed into the nightfall and families are out with their young ones all enjoying the late summer breeze which Mogadishu offers all year round. This is not a dream, but a goal we must set.  And we are optimistic, nevertheless, hopeful of these events coming into time. It’s a challenge, but what is a challenge when you are fully prepared? We are, it seems prepared mentality, but can our actions provide evidence to back it up? Only time will time.

In the meanwhile, I will let you guys go, let me go back into this heated conversation I’m currently taking part in. After all, I am a Somali right? I do love my debates.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)