Somalia; Seaside resort, Indian Ocean and the longest coastline in Africa. Soon as you finish that starting line in this article, I have a slight feeling you might be craving for fish. No? Well I guess you a Somali like me.

Ever since I can remember, we are a nation who loves our meat. You cannot show me a menu where meat is not involved. Impossible! Meat has evolved around my life from day one. Steak, lamb, beef, (Our favourite cuisine, Xiilib Aari) and will do till I change my mind.

But we have to inquire ourselves, with a vast quantity of fish in our shores; one must ask, why on earth aren't we eating all that fish? Is there something in our DNA which bans fish? And why haven’t we taken advantage of our long coastline with all that cuisine?

I am not here to say not all of us don’t eat fish. Yes, there are many people in our community whose diet only consists of fish. But I am talking about from my observance through my lifetime with the general community, including myself.

Fish is a healthy choice of food. There are plenty of advantages when one eats it. It has all sorts of vitamins (Vitamin A, C, and D.) It’s also common knowledge that it’s good for the brain.

I guess meat will be done for me very soon.  Since I've been here back home, I have one full target and that is consume more fish then meat in order to balance my diet. Although I must admit that I do love my meat, the marine life is something I'm trying to familiarize myself. 

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)