Starting a job in my home motherland was not only a privilege but an obligation as well to input my energy into the progress of my beloved Somalia, even if it was a minor contribution. To me personally, any effort is worth more than I can imagine. At first it felt odd, never the least to say different. But as I familiarized my custom surrendering of my work department, I got to know most of my colleagues, some very welcoming, others feeling intimidated by my presence (read “I’m a Diaspora, get me outta here" to find out more,) but that’s another story. 

The ambition and drive for success of most colleagues is absolutely phenomenal. With difficult circumstances and surrounding, everybody wants to succeed. You cannot find a single soul who has no commitment to push even further. 

Along the way, I’ve met countless youths who were residing amongst the war and have achieved high success in their manner for progress. The limited amount of choices has pushed them even further for prosperity in their ambition. The negative images being displayed on our youths have totally been eradicated once I met some of them personally. Somali youths are like all other youths, just wanting time for education and a secure future, although their illustration has been totally tarnished by the international media.

As weeks went by, I began to observe and see the inside and outsides of the working life in Somalia. I noticed everything was the same as any other effective life, at times way more stress free than back in Europe, although I must admit I expected otherwise. Working in Somalia has huge major factor to it as well, after a very long day, if you are lucky to have some additional time, you can dip by the sea and enjoy a nice relaxing swim amongst fellow citizens and let out all stress. This is vital if you a mogadishian (A term I came up with,) it gives you a momentous pleasure and joy to dip in the same shores our forefathers swam in and defended our land from past colonial attempts.

I love this city, I love this country and I love my people. Inshallah, I really believe the tide has been turned and the only way forward now is peace, prosperity and progress. 22 years of a whole nation of citizen’s prayers are now being answered.

Viva Somalia
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)
Twitter: @MoHassan_ppg