Hospitality at Dharkenley - HILIB AARI!!
Just like a waving flag, and then it goes back! - Hodan
In my work department with SOYDEN, we had an opportunity, well for me anyways, but officially a survey which we had to conduct on an ongoing project. This gave ME the chance to explore this magnificent historic city and to witness firsthand how communities are coping in this post-war era. What I had encountered amazed me, a wiliness to work together from people and a mindset of “enough is enough”. 
Amazing hand painting - Xamar Jajab District Commissioner Office
District Commissioner of Waaberi (top left) cautiously listening on
16 districts in 6 days was the operation, 3 a day and a final one on the last day. Hospitality was absolute top notch and not a single let down. We had been offered Hilib Aari (goat meat, a favourite cuisine for us Somalis,) fresh Camel milk, unlimited quantity of drinks and full access to every single district commissioner. Every morning, we at SOYDEN will set off on an adventure, which I took it as personally expedition, to go out and conduct the inspection. It was real amazing to see people living their lives and going about with their business. One thing that really stood out was the lack of weapons in the streets of Mogadishu. When I arrived, almost everybody had some way or another an Ak-47 strapped on their shoulder, but since our government had introduced the banning of citizens who are not police/army cadets of carrying weapons, there have been some major improvements on seeing lack of weapons on our streets.

Carrying out the mission was one very eye opener for me and a real privilege. It made me witness a city I had been craving to visit all my life. One where my parents would enlighten me so much good stories of it but one as well where I could not really relate at all due to what I had been seeing or hearing about my beautiful city. My city had been victimized, abused, destroyed, hurt and neglected for a long time. 
Colleagues listen as DC Deqa (Warta Nabada) speaks on

Hawlwaadag Peace Committees meeting office!
We headed out into Dayniile district one day, about 20 minutes drive and we was welcomed with a whole jar full of Camel milk which the district had just milked fresh an hour before. This is what it’s all about, reviving our culture and dhaaqan back to its true values. 

On our journey we had encountered several stops along the way including my hometown Wardhiigley (Warta Nabadda what they call it now) Xamar Weyne, Xamar Jajab, Yakshiid, Waaberi, Kaaraan, Shibis, Shangani, Hodan, Dharkenley, Howlwadaag, Abdiazziz, Bondhere, Heliwa with the only exception being Wadajir (Security reasons).

Every district had their own way of welcoming us warmly, a tradition which has been always rich in our culture. The major concern we had was the lack of facilities for each district. This must be tackled and will be contributed to our survey.
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)
Twitter: @MoHassan_ppg


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