The other side of Mogadishu’s Youth

Long Live Somali Youths

What really pisses me off in this current world is the state of media and the power it has to send out a message with its own accord. Almost all media organization have a motto which consists of “Fair and balanced”, But this term has no relations to Somalia. 

Watching the news from outside Somalia, they always tend to label Somalia as the world’s most “failed state” or “land of the pirates” and most recent as “Terrorist haven”. Our young brothers and sisters have faced the most brunt of the force. 

Yes we do have problems, but to twist the tale to full blown propaganda, it can go a long way far but the truth is that the majority of youths in Mogadishu are so hard working and dedicated, despite living amongst the most problematic surrounding , they put a lot of western youths to shame.

I’m currently conducting a research, of course in my spare time, to write up a report about a group of Somali youths, who having witnessed so many traumas but are still dedicated hard working individuals. 

Please stay tuned!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)