One People, One Nation and One Culture
When one hears Somalia, one pictures famine and war. Somalia was formerly the powerhouse of Africa. A place were African leaders would approach to the former but now deceased Somali President, Mr Siaad Bare, for advice, capacity building and aid for their internal problems. 22 years on, Somalia depends on African nations for peace and Security.

We have a vast nation with the longest coastline in Africa, one language, one religion and one culture but are divided in mindset. We need to assemble trust with one another after so many difficulties and heartbreaks.

 At this current rate, Xamar is a peaceful city. Everything looks back to normal. People are rebuilding their lives and livelihood. You do hear the odd bullet going off but this is due to some of the police force high of marqaan. The city is buzzing, and the Diaspora is coming back. The beaches are full, lot of traffic with the sound of car horns constantly on replay. I’ve met some Fellow Brits and quite a few American youths who, just like me, are back on home soil since childhood but for a few of them their first times.

It does seem at this tempo, unity is inevitable but with one outstanding predicament, tribalism. We must start a scheme to raise an awareness of the social problems clan mentality can cause to our beautiful nation and its people. This must be done as soon as possible to take full advantage of the peace process and to educate our future leaders the setbacks it can cause. We cannot afford another setback on war and destruction.

Furthermore, what I am stating here does not mean to fully erase tribalism, no. But we must not let clan dictate our lifestyle, political views and social life.

What I mean is very simple, I'm a Somali

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)