Survivor’s not Victims

I regret to admit but trauma has caused a long painful suffering on our beautiful mothers and sisters in Somalia. We at SOYDEN have been conducting a Trauma Community Forum in the 16 districts of Mogadishu and the stories I have heard have shed light into the atrocities our people have faced. 

Along with my colleagues, listening to our communities about the long suffering they had witnessed the last 2 decades makes one feel numb and absolutely emotional. Somali women have suffered enough and are the true winners of the horn of Africa for staying so strong.

They are winner’s because they have kept faith and stridden along with the daily lives and supporting their families. They are winners because they have never given up hope. They are winners because they faced their entire deep trauma’s single handily without letting their emotions get the better of them. They are winners because they have kept their families together without much support. They are winners because they are our mother’s and have shown great patience.

 I pray to god that our mothers and sister, who I feel are survivors, for long prosperity and happiness in their lives. 

And Inshallah, I’m sure their time to shine and receive their rewards is only around the corner.

Soomaaliya Ha Noolaato!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


  1. Our mother's are really the survivors of the whole Africa!

  2. Thank You Mr Deeq I Really Do Approciate The Isues That You Have Been Raising For The Past Few Years And The Hard Work That You Have Put Into Yourself And The Risks That You Have Taken Insha Allah, Allah Will Reward You.
    If We Had Few Young Somalians Like You I Do Believe we can change for millions of Somali lives.
    Once Again Thank You


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