Patriotism - devoted love support, and defense of one's country and national loyalty. A very strong statement all caped into one and the mere foundation we lack as citizens. When the flag of the United States is raised high and above, you will not catch any naturalized civilian sitting. All will get up and sing their beloved anthem with pure emotion and a strong belief of America and her principles. 

Somalia has a history dating back to thousands of years and with the most strategic position in East Africa, it can be a powerhouse without any aid or contribution. It really begs the question, what is going on?

Lack of patriotism is what is going on. Lack of pure love and value of the land Allah has possessed us with is what is wrong. Lack of love for the fellow citizens is what is wrong. 
We must establish a firm understanding about the beauties and wonders of Somalia and its history. A nation full of untouched natural resources and one with a bright future if we all can see ahead and not concentrate on today. Somalia is waking up, but have we woken up with her? That is the single biggest question we must all ask one another. Sometimes a reality check is all what is needed for one to understand the world. 

Africa is moving at a rapid pace with nations looking far ahead into the future. Solar energy, education and self employment, the world is always looking for innovative ideas and ways to prosper for their citizens. Isn’t time we as a people look for ways to build our confidence, wealth and re-build our nation? 22 years we have lost. A whole new generation who only knows and understands violence, terror and fleeing from their homes.

Forgiveness, understanding and looking ahead, 3 crucial steps we must take otherwise we will be stuck in this limbo for another decade. I have assurance and optimism for my community and I am sure a lot of you do so let’s keep doing our part and continue, however way possible, to enhance the development of Somalia.

Patriotism: a word so easy to pronounce but takes a lot of sacrifice to implement.

Soomaaliya Ha Noolaato!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)