Saddened and want to send my deepest condolences to the victims and their families affected in today’s tragic event which occurred at United Nations Compound in Mogadishu. UNDP are our committed partners with the work we do. I was actually present at the compound earlier in the morning dropping off a colleague. Heard the news of the event soon as I touched down in Nairobi and I was so worried for my colleague and friend. She is fine Alhamdulillah and if she is reading this, 9950! (A term we use and only I and her know what it truly means!)

UNDP compound is a place you can find me at almost every week. I know the security guys who work their well. Top blokes who are well trained and have great respect for guests who arrive at the compound. Shocked and deeply hurt by these cowardly attacks.

May Allah protect Somalia from these animals.

Long Live Somalia!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


  1. “Through letters and cards, families will be able to hold that friendship in their hands and to read those kind words at a time and place that supports their pace of healing.” I got this condolence message from a friend and it really helps me to go through life. I hope this can also help you. Live life to the fullest.


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