We at SOYDEN, together with UNDP, District Commissioners and Peace Committee have launched the “Youth 4 Change” project for 80 youths who are at risk or have been associated with militia groups and criminals in Mogadishu. 

Inside our Centre in Kaaraan
Began today, 12 June 2013, The objective of the project is to identify those youths who are known in the districts, selected by community peace members and officials from ministries, to be provide with core skills at our rehabilitation centers based in Wadajir and Kaaraan districts in Banadir.
As Mogadishu starts to emerge from civil war, it is important not to forget the highest demographic in age population of Somalia’s youth. Making up 70% of the population, the war is leaving so many youths, traumatized and vulnerable to be used for courses by clan and militia personnel’s. This is why it is of great importance for youth 4 change. Two decades of state collapse has caused so many youths not have access to education and this project gives an alternative route for them. With teachers at hand, these youths who have been chosen by their Peace Committees with local authorities, will learn key numeracy, literacy skills and take part in social activities including work at the community within a 9 month period.
It will be a challenging and an exciting moment in my life personally. The Sole reason being is that I am taking part in rebuilding my nation and giving back to my people all my effort and expertise. It really is a blessing for me, I have always wanted to contribute to my people and what better way than this. 

Briefing new recruits the importance of Y4C
Please follow my journey on Twitter @MoHassan_ppg where I would add pictures and regular updates or visit our website for more info.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


  1. Hussien Mohamed Afrah14 June 2013 at 20:50

    Goodluck brother, you are an inspiration. I've been following your blog for quite a while and this is my first commenting. May Allah bless you and your family, your doing a great job.

    Well done Deeq

  2. Will do Brother and thank you for your warm words. Personally, it had always been a dream for me to work and live in Africa especially Somalia and I am grateful for it. With my team, I am sure we would do great.

    Hope this blog keeps inspiring you

    Deeq - Editor - PPG

  3. This is the type of job I love. Somalia is awakening due to people like you contributing. Nice blog bro

    Shafi Osman, Seattle Washington


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