Mogadishu through Instagram

Beautiful skies as always (Blue and White)

Just one of many hotels opening up across our ancient city (Hotel Kuwait) 

On Route to Xamar Weyne (Giving way to a goat!)

By the famous Lido Beach, A classic before and after the war with new restaurants popping up

A fishing boat named Siraaj Wahhaj, waiting for the tide?

Lido beach, A must have backdrop photo of Indian Ocean

Destruction but let this be a lesson for us

Xamar Weyne

Maka Al Mukarama Road inside an Caasi (Bus)

Your average ride home (If you have no car that is!)

Charcoal means currency in Africa

Dealing Khat on the open

With no education system in 22 years, individuals have taught themselves key skills

Villa's and mansions are reviving 

A passerby on route to work

Don't know the name of your medicine? Well point it out from here then!

Life is moving - Maka Al Mukarama Road

Siinaay junction

Tea under the tree? Somali Style

High rise buildings are appearing, making the city cooler

Somali youths be like "Gotta get ready for the weekend!"

Inside an Caasi (Bus) Read my facinating "20 mins inside an Caasi" -

"Same shop" What a name!

H&M has nothing on "Dress code", located at Maka Al Mukarama Road

View from my window, as it is throughout the whole city, rebuild Somalia!

"They see me rollin, they hating" - Camels are the true kings of the roads

Our children need education, support "Go 2 School" campaign, 1 million children in school within 3 years throughout Somalia

I had to add this, my lunch last friday LOBSTERS!

Deeq – Editor - PPG