Roadblock nightmares

Gen Ali Hersi Gaab

With news emerging that the head of the traffic Police of Benadir Gen. Ali Hersi Gaab had followed orders from the interior ministry and the national security, the police removed more than three roadblocks on the main road that links the Mogadishu airport and the KM4 junction.

 This can only mean one thing for us residents eager to move around attending meetings, freedom. Just last week, I had a meeting at Peace Hotel, a trip which would have lasted me less than 10 minutes, but took me more than 45 minutes. This is time consuming and of course we must consider the fact that security is a priority, but also that  I think the one thing that had troubled residents is that whole roads are being closed just for a minority few.

Not all residents have any identification and it’s rare for the city to provide for one if you haven’t got any employment. Remember, this is a city where almost 70% do not have no passport or driving license. With harsh tactics as “No ID, then you cannot go on”, would sideline a majority for a minority. 
A common sight in and around the KM4 area

But then again, there are those who believe, no matter the time consuming, we mustn’t not lose focus and continue with this tactics until stability can arise. Yes roadblocks are crucial to maintain checks, I can fully understand this, but the last thing you want is citizens not feeling at home in their own nation. 

Security is our most important goal and there are other ways than roadblocks to beef up precautions.

Keep praying for Somalia, we are sure Allah is listening.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


  1. There is light at the end of the tunnel.For the period i have known Somalia.There is great potential and thats the bone of contention, if the country would have been a dry place with no resource, war and conflicting parties could have lived peaceful with little resoures.Share the resources with neighbouring countries such as Kenya.cheers Deq.Hassan MRE Soyden

  2. Hassan;

    Thank you for your comments. It really shows me how Moga Tribune is creating discussion, a positive thing for any blogger.

    Secondly, all resources belong to Somalia. Sharing is out of the window, whether you and I like it or not. The Somalia of today is not the Somalia of last year.

    See you soon in Mogadishu, I'm sure millions of fellow Kenyan-Somalis will be crossing the border for jobs.

    Many thanks

    Deeq - Editor - PPG


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