Continuous car horn means revival

Simple little things show us the value of life. And with Somalia re-emerging from war, the simple things are never focused on, rather buildings and whatnot.

On a typical morning in Europe, I use to rise up to the sounds of birds chipping, the dark misty over-cloud, and cold with no real high motivation for another day.

On a typical morning in Mogadishu, you awaken to the sounds of continuous car horn, beeping to a soundtrack that all it really requires is just a base to form a beat. I had always wondered why on earth people do constantly use until I finally arranged a vehicle for myself.

Driving, a herd of cattle approach by your path, hoping for none to cause damage to your vehicle. You also have young children running across the road; an awareness campaign is a must to teach our children the hazards of cars and Lorries. 

Included in the package of driving, several individuals, some suffering from trauma’s while others are simple just not paying attention or observing their surrounding environment.

The car horn is vital in Mogadishu for you not to get into an accident.  Right now while I write this, I can hear it.

So for those who think driving here is as almost as quite as any suburban town in Europe or the Americas, you’d be in for a hectic but lively adventure.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


  1. Be careful man, how's the electricity btw.


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