Quick Note!

 I know I’ve been kind of quite recently, but I think you can guess it’s to do with the hectic schedule. We have so many programs lined up coming. Our youth4Change project has been rekindled for another year where 80 youths are to take part in a rehabilitation program in our centers.

I was also away from Mogadishu for over 2 weeks. I recently took part in a forum for youths with UNDP in Tunis, Tunisia. All countries were present and I was there for Somalia.

For now, I came back into a city that is changing very fast and growing by the day. If you had been away for only a week, you would see so many changes going around.

Our main aim is always security and if we can build that, we are going to be successful inshallah.

I’ve got 2 more trips to prepare myself for but in the middle of all that, I should have an article posted up.

Keep posted!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


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