Mogadishu through Instagram Part 3

A lot has changed since my part 2 of this epic series titled "Mogadishu through Instagram".

Here it is, Mogadishu through Instagram part 3! Care to enjoy history before your own very eyes.

Just passed KM4 entering Maka Al Mukarama Road. Leads you to all the landmarks throughout the city.

The kings of the road, Caasi's (Bus). A mode of travel for many. Riding one is definitely unforgettable journey. Highly recommended! Read my popular "20 Mins inside an Caasi" article

Restaurants are now a common sight in Mogadishu. Lets just say we Somalis are arrogant with our cooking because we damn well sure can cook! 

New Airport coming soon! Landing in Aden Adde International Airport is a must for travellers. Really does seem for a minute as if you'd be landing in the Indian Ocean. Beautiful!

Due to popular demand, now rightfully re-named Banadir Beach Restaurant.

The obsession we Somalis have for SYL is indescribable. #WadaniFever must return

High rise buildings are changing our skyline in Mogadishu.

Great to see basic services are now on the comeback. A school bus on the call.

In 2 years this city has seen immense change. Imagine in 10 years? Never test the will of the Somali people. 

Resilience is in our blood. So much war yet life truly goes on. The people of Mogadishu truly deserve a noble prize for their will to continue. Amazing!

The more petrol stations, the merrier for us drivers in Mogadishu.

Off Talex entering Maka Al Mukarama. This was once a front line against terrorism. Now a business hub.

And the pic that went global. Mr Ice cream van by Lido Beach!


  1. I enjoy your blog,and the pic you post remind me the city i love (Mogaishu)
    can you please post picture of 1 da luulyo (1st July) high school also known as shiikh suufi high school please!


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