Alone in the clouds

Preservation. Nothing else matters. It's frightening. Very frightening rather. And sad. Dangerous. Nature has had its right to flourish denied without her consent. Refusing to respect its right may well define mankind as history. As I sit here writing while admiring the god given beauty of Lebanon high up in the mountains, the reality hits home upon re-imaging the fragile shores of my beautiful Somalia. I hear a calling.
UNESCO Regional Youth Beirut, Lebanon - Aug 2017

I cannot go back home without learning from my experience here in Beirut. I must go with the energy and vision gained. I must. Nothing else matters. The buzz and realisation of what is at stake straightens my path: a path of preservation. A path to a sustainable future for those to come after us. I Must. Because I refuse for my children and future children of the world to live a polluted life from the mistakes of those before them.
My god, all this energy before me. What if only...
May God bless you Lebanon for enlightening me as I try to un-puzzle my purpose in life.
Cedar Reserve, I am here. I WAS there. I WILL be here..

Sunset at Mount Al Chouf, Lebanon

Alone in the clouds - Mount Al Chouf, Lebanon

Mohamed Hassan