My Visualize 2030 Presentation in Beirut, Lebanon

Presenting my visual at the UNDP/Arab Development Portal Regional Youth Hackathon, Beirut, Lebanon Oct 2017

I had recently been contacted by a network at the United Nations Development Programme Regional hub regarding a contest to be implemented by Arab Development Portal on visualizing data through creative effects which was set to take place in the capital of Lebanon.

With much experience in data visualization, I had accepted and jumped at the opportunity to participate in Beirut for what will be my second visit to this beautiful city.

A group photo with other participants
The competition has concluded now and I presume your guessing just where had I finished? In a very highly competitiveness with fantastic visuals, the judges had placed me in top standout overall out of 49 other participants. Very frustrating indeed but as much effort I try to put and be creative, ultimately, ensuring that Somali youth are highly presented was my key goal.

The only sympathy I request is the lack of data (widely unavailable data in Somalia due to collapse of all institutions resulted by the 26 year civil war) so I had created an animation for my presentation regarding my visual for 2030 through a timeline.
I had to use a background story in order to feed my audience about Somalia with key milestones achieved on route to my #Vision2030 of 1 man/woman, 1 vote in the national general election.

Thoughts are welcome indeed.

Mohamed Hassan