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Somalia – My journey 2012

Well there you have it, an additional year has whistled by us without any notice upon.  A year of so many up and down’s but with so many historic moments for me personally. I want to recap with you all what a landmark year 2012 has been for me.
2012 got off to a start for me in London, UK. It seemed like just another new year, with not a clue what it will bring for me. As usual, all New Year resolutions were set with full knowledge it won’t last probably more than a month. But still, it gave me reasons and gratitude to set it up. The cold long nights where getting shorter and summer was coming around the corner. All the while, Somalia was always my main interest. I had a slight urge to come home but thought maybe it was too soon. So I waited for the next 6 months, pondering whether I should get out of my comfort zone and contribute to my country in any way possible, even if it meant to just visit.
One sunny May, relaxing at my family home, I just let it all out. “Im going to Somal…