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Mogadishu through Instagram Part 2

2 and a half years have already passed by since coming home to our promised land and a lot has changed. 
As always, a city belongs to its citizens and I thought as a resident of Mogadishu, it rightfully is our duty to rebrand this historic city.
Here, I have compiled An updated photos while travelling across our ancient city through my ipad/iphone.
You may remember my first post titled "Mogadishu Through Instagram" - Well, here it is, part 2.
Care to enjoy and if using them, please show the credits.
Mogadishu through Instagram Part 2

Cars lining up for petrol in Ceel Gaab Petrol Station
Bike Rent/Tea lady/Social Area/Bus Terminal - only in Xamar Weyne

A new petrol station on construction in AbdiAzziz District
A group of cows looking to "Occupy" this mansion under construction
A spelling error? Luckily an alert citizen had corrected before we could
An "Old World vs New World" - Self employed Businessman in downtown Mogadishu
Lido Beach can get pretty busy with parking…