Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mogadishu through Instagram

Beautiful skies as always (Blue and White)

Just one of many hotels opening up across our ancient city (Hotel Kuwait) 

On Route to Xamar Weyne (Giving way to a goat!)

By the famous Lido Beach, A classic before and after the war with new restaurants popping up

A fishing boat named Siraaj Wahhaj, waiting for the tide?

Lido beach, A must have backdrop photo of Indian Ocean

Destruction but let this be a lesson for us

Xamar Weyne

Maka Al Mukarama Road inside an Caasi (Bus)

Your average ride home (If you have no car that is!)

Charcoal means currency in Africa

Dealing Khat on the open

With no education system in 22 years, individuals have taught themselves key skills

Villa's and mansions are reviving 

A passerby on route to work

Don't know the name of your medicine? Well point it out from here then!

Life is moving - Maka Al Mukarama Road

Siinaay junction

Tea under the tree? Somali Style

High rise buildings are appearing, making the city cooler

Somali youths be like "Gotta get ready for the weekend!"

Inside an Caasi (Bus) Read my facinating "20 mins inside an Caasi" -

"Same shop" What a name!

H&M has nothing on "Dress code", located at Maka Al Mukarama Road

View from my window, as it is throughout the whole city, rebuild Somalia!

"They see me rollin, they hating" - Camels are the true kings of the roads

Our children need education, support "Go 2 School" campaign, 1 million children in school within 3 years throughout Somalia

I had to add this, my lunch last friday LOBSTERS!

Deeq – Editor - PPG

Saturday, 21 September 2013

“And your clan is?”

It’s not a hidden fact that we Somalis live by a clan ideology. This can go way back into our history. With 4.5 now the basis foundation of our political structure, I am afraid that if we do not eradicate this mindset out of the picture, we may soon see passports and IDs being handed out to citizens, containing a section which states the individual’s tribe/clan. 

Being excessive with Orwell’s 1984? You bet but only this time, we are the ones walking ourselves into this mess, not a government conspiracy. 

So tell me, what makes you think this cannot happen? We need to wake up, and fast because clannish mindset is, excuse my French, fucking up our way of thinking.

Sad but true.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hotels Hotels Hotels!

Sahafi, Ambassador, Kuwait, Nasahablood, Shaamo, Jazeera, Malaika, Peace Hotel, City Plaza, Global and it goes on, Just an endless list of hotels opened up in Mogadishu and increasing by the day. On Maka Al Makurama Street, the busiest and major road which connects the metropolis, you would be amazed to see the quantity of Hotel signs up. 

For a municipality which has witnessed endless brutal war and chaos just 2 years ago, one would have found it unimaginable at the current rate.  It truly is astonishing and remarkable for Mogadishu to look brightly to the future. 

Some may state, who truly are these owners looking at for customers? In addition to that question, is it really a wise decision to set up hotels in a city which is currently just healing from 2 decades of aggression and destruction? Only time will tell. 

As for the progressive element, it shows the world that we are open for business and we focused on business, period.

With roads now on construction, glorious weather and an untapped vast amount of natural resources, I fully understand why some East African Media outlets report only negatives stories out of Mogadishu, waa naga baqaan.

We are rising and may this progress continue for our national goal; A better Somalia.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Impunity is the Case

Growing up, I was educated to realize that all criminals must and always end up facing the consequences for their crimes. I am sure all around the world, this is the case. Whether you rob or steal, Murder, anti-social behavior or even causing harm to the environment as a whole, you will always end up being punished, regardless of your power. No means would anybody come close to you in case they end up doing time for your actions (assisting a criminal). Even if you are not trapped today, the worry of being caught tomorrow and looking over your shoulder seems, is enough damage as it is. You cannot expect impunity.    

In Somalia, the firearm talks a lot. It has full authority to revolutionize and rule individuals. The man with the most guns is widely casted as the most powerful. Although, generally, the country is improving, there are still pockets of resistance at rest to be dealt with; as I am sure the government is planning on as I write this.

Picture: www.pambazuka.org
Our problem is that the war has caused everyone to make up rules down the way. Countless individuals have rooted problems in the country, warlords, militia men, trouble seeking youths and even government officials all guilty in this case. Everyone is one way or another involved in this trouble. But what gets to you the most is, when murderers/warlords are brought into the government, (although a vast amount where withdrawn at parliament registration). This really makes the rule of law seem fragile and without any authority whatsoever.

But I believe the government is right for this decision. The reason being why is to try and solve a way to maintain or bring back order into Somalia. If these criminals were not brought into powerful positions, they would still be out in the open causing havoc around the city. So, to get a grip of a chaotic country, you must first shut these guys up and make them believe there in an advanced position. As soon as government influence is rained on the public and peace is restored, the administration, by then with stretched power with a capable army, can start to withdraw warlords out of parliament and try them for their crimes against humanity.

This is a tactical psychological game, I believe the government is maintaining and one which will be risky, but worth it on the long run. They only drawback it will have, will be the effect with tribal relationships. But we cannot let this be an obstacle to progress. It is time to move on as a nation.

I am sure our government would not tolerate individuals who have caused terror amongst fellow citizens, be involved with governmental posts any longer. 
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)