Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Somalia – My journey 2012


Well there you have it, an additional year has whistled by us without any notice upon.  A year of so many up and down’s but with so many historic moments for me personally. I want to recap with you all what a landmark year 2012 has been for me.

2012 got off to a start for me in London, UK. It seemed like just another new year, with not a clue what it will bring for me. As usual, all New Year resolutions were set with full knowledge it won’t last probably more than a month. But still, it gave me reasons and gratitude to set it up. The cold long nights where getting shorter and summer was coming around the corner. All the while, Somalia was always my main interest. I had a slight urge to come home but thought maybe it was too soon. So I waited for the next 6 months, pondering whether I should get out of my comfort zone and contribute to my country in any way possible, even if it meant to just visit.

One sunny May, relaxing at my family home, I just let it all out. “Im going to Somalia guys, what do you all think?” I stated to my family. “Good luck!” was the point blank answer I received from my sister’s whiles my mother, who I always turn to for advice, was supportive and knew it was going to be my destiny. You see, you can never get old from my parents, regardless of your maturity or experience. And I made sure I consulted the person who I have always admired without any hesitation.

As a week went by, I started to read more and view many recent videos of Mogadishu, to see the current situation at home. All in all, I was getting great feedbacks from the views to where I really felt, Somalia is changing for the better. I contacted so many family members back home, all giving me rave reviews of the current situation. I knew my historic moment of going home was very near, although I must admit, fear of the unknown is one fear which frighten the hell out of me.

 As time went on, I gradually got to accept of the decision I had made. I knew it would be tough, but I felt a whole adrenaline going through my whole body. 20 years I’ve been away from home, and could not really remember any visual images, just stories and glimpse of flashbacks. I had to go back.

After excitedly waiting, finally the big day had arrived, May 30th, there was no going back. Ticket all booked, via Dubai, and the time had arrived to wave goodbye to my family. Reality was here and my destiny was Somalia.

On the flight out, there were some Somalis, who just like me, were making the trip back home. We called it “operation Dib Ceelis” (Operation back home) for laugh, to jitter away our excitement to another level. It felt good, I must say, to be surrounded by fellow Somalis, all eager to go back home. 

After a brief stop at Dubai, we headed out on our journey to Mogadishu. This time, the flight was packed to capacity of fellow Somalis, with not a single seat available. “This is Awesome” I thought, to see whole generations, and different accents all going to their motherland. Amongst the passengers were quite a few foreign faces. I had a seat next to a white Canadian woman, who was going to Mogadishu to file a report for her organisation. I asked her if she sees this as a holiday opportunity, with the reply “25 years ago, yes, now, no”. We laughed while I told her simply, “I’m sure Mogadishu will welcome you, as a nation, we are eager for a change”.  Amongst others, were young and old, majority going home for the first time in decades, while other youngsters being their first time ever. It was truly a magical moment. A journey I will never forget.

Approaching Aden Abdulle Airport, Mogadishu
As conversations lasted on, we were getting closer, approaching Aden Abdulle Airport. Flying towards the main airport was the single most fascinating view I have ever came across. I am sure those who have been privileged to go Mogadishu know what I am expressing here, coming towards a beautiful airport with Indian Ocean on the backdrop, absolutely amazing. You must be on a flight to Mogadishu to truly feel a grasp of what I am trying to explain.

As our plane landed, we all looked at one another with the thought of; is this really happening? Are we finally home? One by one, we emerged from the plane, all being welcomed by the bright sun with the smell of salt water, coming from the stunning Indian Ocean. The euphoria is unimaginable, one which runs through your whole body touching the foundation of your soul. Home is where the heart is, and I was sure my heart was at home.

Just into my third month in Somalia, the election was taking due course. It was an historic moment and I had been honoured to be at the front line to catch up all the inside info. First all MPs were selected followed right after by the house of speaker’s nomination. But all this did not beat the race for the top job, the Presidential election. This was our first ever election in just over 40 years, moment to cherish as a proud Somali. I’m sure by now we all know our winner, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a well known civil servant in Somalia.

After some long weeks and months with a lot catching up and consuming our recent election, I had an opportunity brought to me which I could not resist. Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN) approached me with an offer to work for them. I mean this is everyman’s dream, to work at your home country and witness the revival first hand. I could not reject this prospect. This was a moment I never expected, but cherished. I had a wealth of experience on working within community projects, and this was just that, to input my expertise to revive the youth of Somalia.

They say the things you never expected tend to be healthy for you, and I took that into much consideration. I knew it would be one massive challenge, but without challenges, you can never know your inner self and the capabilities you possess.

Settling into my new work environment was a major confront.  Not in any negativities but just the learning of the work culture in Somalia. 7.30am is when people tend to start work, with the latest being 8am. Back in the UK, we all almost start at 9am with a 5pm finish. The beauty of Somalia is, by 2.30pm – 3pm, work is done and its time to get home.

Part 2 will consist of my time working and adjusting to my new environment, and will be posted within a week. I wanted to do this because:
  • Time was not on my side
  •  I have a lot more to say and wouldn’t want to bore you all

Stay tuned!

Deeq – Editor - PPG

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Impunity is the Case

Growing up, I was educated to realize that all criminals must and always end up facing the consequences for their crimes. I am sure all around the world, this is the case. Whether you rob or steal, Murder, anti-social behavior or even causing harm to the environment as a whole, you will always end up being punished, regardless of your power. No means would anybody come close to you in case they end up doing time for your actions (assisting a criminal). Even if you are not trapped today, the worry of being caught tomorrow and looking over your shoulder seems, is enough damage as it is. You cannot expect impunity. 

Back home down here, the firearm talks a lot. It has full authority to revolutionize and rule individuals. The man with the most guns is widely agreed as the most powerful. Although, generally, the country is improving, there are still pockets of resistance at rest to be dealt with; as I am sure the government is planning on as I write this.

Our problem is that the war has caused everyone to make up rules down the way. Countless individuals have rooted problems in the country, warlords, militia men, trouble seeking youths and even government officials all guilty in this case. Everyone is one way or another involved in this trouble. But what gets to you the most is, when murderers/warlords are brought into the government, (although a vast amount where withdrawn at parliament registration). This really makes the rule of law seem fragile and without any authority whatsoever. 

But I believe the government is right for this decision. The reason being why is to try and solve a way to maintain or bring back order into Somalia. If these criminals were not brought into powerful positions for the short term, they would still be out in the open causing havoc around the city. So, to get a grip of a chaotic country, you must first shut these guys up and make them believe there in an advanced position. As soon as government influence is rained on the public and peace is restored, the administration, by then with stretched power with a capable army, can start to withdraw warlords out of parliament and try them for their crimes against humanity. 

This is a tactical psychological game, I believe the government is maintaining and one which will be risky, but worth it on the long run. They only drawback it will have, will be the effect with tribal relationships. But we cannot let this be an obstacle to progress. It is time to move on as a nation.

I am sure President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a man with no criminal history, would not tolerate individuals who have caused terror amongst fellow citizens, be involved with governmental posts any longer.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Somalia; Seaside resort, Indian Ocean and the longest coastline in Africa. Soon as you finish that starting line in this article, I have a slight feeling you might be craving for fish. No? Well I guess you a Somali like me.

Ever since I can remember, we are a nation who loves our meat. You cannot show me a menu where meat is not involved. Impossible! Meat has evolved around my life from day one. Steak, lamb, beef, (Our favourite cuisine, Xiilib Aari) and will do till I change my mind.

But we have to inquire ourselves, with a vast quantity of fish in our shores; one must ask, why on earth aren't we eating all that fish? Is there something in our DNA which bans fish? And why haven’t we taken advantage of our long coastline with all that cuisine?

I am not here to say not all of us don’t eat fish. Yes, there are many people in our community whose diet only consists of fish. But I am talking about from my observance through my lifetime with the general community, including myself.

Fish is a healthy choice of food. There are plenty of advantages when one eats it. It has all sorts of vitamins (Vitamin A, C, and D.) It’s also common knowledge that it’s good for the brain.

I guess meat will be done for me very soon.  Since I've been here back home, I have one full target and that is consume more fish then meat in order to balance my diet. Although I must admit that I do love my meat, the marine life is something I'm trying to familiarize myself. 

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


It’s not a buried top secret inside the Somali communities that as a population, we are a community who like to have a discussion. And then chat some more. It’s been imbedded in our DNA ever since known to us. Whether we socialize with reference to sports, work, and politics or whatever else, we just cannot seem to talk any fewer, and it’s not stopping any-time sooner. Here in Mogadishu, The capital, it’s no stranger. Ever since I've been here, I am certain that I've talked more in these 5 months then I did the Last previous 5 years! But what is it that can we have so much info to express ourselves? Like I said, it can be anything, just as long as the conversation is moving steadily along and everyone is taking part, this is the goal. Take part. Put your info. Whatever it is, contribute.

Lately, settling into my new home environment, apart from the usual politics talk, we Somalis are now talking about the opportunities we have. Never in the last 21 years has this topic been expressed more than ever. Yes, we do have internal issues we must deal with, and fast as well. Yes, we must put all effort in providing IDPs with as much resource as possible, as humans and fellow citizens, it is our duty. And yes, we still have terrorist lurking within the community, and are being dealt with. But above all, Neighborhood security is what we must, already main goal of the government, target first and it should remain it so. You see, without security, everything collapses. Whether its society, infrastructure, political ambitions. Life itself collapses. So our main strategy In Somalia should attach to security.  Universal sense must prevail here. How can you provide assistance to communities when you have bullets flying above you? Yes you can try, but what we dealing with are not your average sharp shooters or gangbangers. No, these are people who are willing to take their own lives, and others. It’s challenges which, with Allah’s help, we will overcome very soon and finish these terrorist once and for all.

Yes our communities are craving for progress, but a growth with peace. Nabad (Somali term for peace) is in the air across Somalia. You cannot deny that fact. It really does seem that we Somalis had enough of war, trouble and chaos. Yes we have some minorities who still want to cause as much problem as possible, but they are evaporating fast. It’s only a matter of time before they are eliminated permanently.

Let’s face the facts, we must first sort out and program safety into Somalia. Times were you can walk across this beautiful city without any fright. Periods were you can sit in the beach, late at night watching the moonlight without any care of a shell landing beside you. There must come a time where we can chill in cafes or at the city centre, as usual, having our long conversations but this time, running late into the evenings. Periods were youths are playing football delayed into the nightfall and families are out with their young ones all enjoying the late summer breeze which Mogadishu offers all year round. This is not a dream, but a goal we must set.  And we are optimistic, nevertheless, hopeful of these events coming into time. It’s a challenge, but what is a challenge when you are fully prepared? We are, it seems prepared mentality, but can our actions provide evidence to back it up? Only time will time.

In the meanwhile, I will let you guys go, let me go back into this heated conversation I’m currently taking part in. After all, I am a Somali right? I do love my debates.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The day I arrived back home, a lot of people did not expect me to last this long. I’ve witnessed things and met people who I would never have associated with back in London. Warlords, no nonsense private security guards, rude cousins, pushy uncles etc...  I also met some very good people, wonderful aunties, established hard working individuals etc.. But none expected that I came to settle in this magnificent city and make it my home once again. 5 months in, I’m still here. I must admit though, I have doubted myself constant times but realised in order to grow as a human, sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone.

I’ve heard bombs go off, I’ve met both presidents, previous and current, met MPs that made me realise anything is possible in this city if they have made it. I’ve also re-united with long lost family members, seen the house I use to live at and privileged to be witnessing the resurgence of our great country. I tried to fit into society, i.e.; wearing local customary clothes when around my neighbourhood or even sometimes putting in incredible amount of effort in stepping my A game when it came to my mother tongue. But somehow someway, folks always can see that I am fresh to the city. Most just want to hear me talk, whether it’s in English or Somali, they really keen to let me do the discussion. Others are different. There are a few who see some of us as some kind of invaders. How the hell am I an invader when this is my motherland and belongs to me as much as yours? It begs the question, are you really firm to see me out of here?

That’s what really pushes me on. You see, I’m the type of chap who thrives on hate. I adore it. I truly consider that without any sort of disapproval towards you, (that’s only if you doing something positive for yourself or for others) then you must be doing some wrong. Negativity means you are doing well. (Just keep that noted for the future.) When I hear “are you still here?” or “Aint you going back?” mate, I tell you what, I aint a celebrity and I’m not screaming get me outta here! I’m here on the long run. Just bear in mind that.

But not all is like that. The mainstream of folks I came across really do want everyone to come back. Examples are when I met a policeman when we went to Liido for a swim one Sunday, he approached the vehicle we was in (me and one friend of mine from the States) before we got out. He asked real simple security question which is common in Mogadishu. He then recognised with our “not so perfect” accent that we came from abroad. Within minutes, he told us his name, and how he had kids abroad and felt happy to have met us. After 10 minutes of brief convo on the reason why we came back to Somalia, he told us frank that we made him be devoted to Somalia more in those 10 minutes then he ever did. Amazing. All we said was that how we had an marvellous beach and we are not grateful for it as a nation. We also mentioned back in Europe/America, you had to drive sometimes 2 hours or even more just to get to a beach and when you arrived, you realise how freezing it is and regret it. That’s all it took. He left us stating how from now on, he will learn how to swim in order to enjoy this wonderful beach we got for free.

The good always outdoes the bad. A lot of people want me to go wild and scream out “I’M A DIASPORA, GET ME OUTTA HERE”. But I guess they met the wrong dude.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


The new Prime Minister of Somalia has been fully accepted with full votes and not a single rejection. Mr Shirdon now starts the process of selecting ministers to run his cabinet. This is another major chapter in our progress.

The MPs unanimously backed the ex-businessman, nominated by newly elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Before the vote Mr Shirdon said he would form "an effective government to deal with current situation".

What the new prime minister now has to do is make the right choices in selecting ministers. We cannot afford to lose time in this wonderful progress and select figures that are not qualified to the task. Mr shirdon’s cabinet must consist of ministers who are loyal to the nation as a whole and have only Somalia as their main intention. Gone should be the days of greed and corruption.

We have a nation to rebuild which has a vast amount of resources with population of only 10+ Million Somalis. The time has arrived to re-brand Somalia and focus on making our proud country and its citizens, to live prosperous.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Monday, 8 October 2012


There is a great sense of believe hitting the political atmosphere in Somalia. The last week alone, I had the privilege of speaking to few former candidates who were running for the Presidential seat in Somalia. Some have returned to their “homes” in places like Americas or Europe. But there are some who are not willing to leave the nation as a whole. It shows the determination that we as Somali’s finally have for our great Country.

I met Abdurrahman Badiyow yesterday (07/10/12) in Nairobi. A very intellectual man who really wants change for the nation whether it’s just a little progress or more ambition for the nation. Mr Badiyow is a very smart man. A sophisticated individual who is always seeking for more in Somalia. He could have thrown in the towel and headed back to America but has decided that he wants to contribute his wealth of ideas to Somalia.

Now, heading back to the scene of the Presidential election, there were a vast amount of candidates from the Diaspora all looking to lead Somalia. Fast forward only a month, there are only handfuls still in Africa. The rest just seemed to have disappeared of the map. It’s a shame really, it shows the that the MPs have done the right thing in electing a President who has stayed all this time in Somalia during the 21 years of brutal war we encountered. One who has always campaigned for a better Somalia and helping the nation while being a Dean at Simad University.

Back to Badiyow, I really believe that those like him who have lost the election but are still in the area to contribute, ought to be given some kind of governmental post.  It just makes sense. This is the era where all input is needed, however little. This is our first ever government in 21 years and others should be helping to pave the way for stability in order to get other parties set up so that in the next 4 years, we can have political institutions ready in order to broaden the choices. Now is not the time to dismiss or stir any negativity towards our new government.

We should be helping the nation raise up in its own 2 feet so that tomorrow we can have place parties that we can choose to vote for whom we want to lead Somalia. However, that being said, there is an air of optimism in Somalia that cannot be denied.


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Sunday, 7 October 2012


New Confirmed Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid

Well there you have it, wave goodbye to the transitional (Dowlaada ku meel gaarka as we call it) era. Play time is over; we now boast a legitimate federal government in Somalia. After continuous fails and a lot of hard work from numerous transition governments, we have now the 3 major professions vacant. The President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, House of Speaker Mohamed Jawaari and a new confirmed Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid.

Mr Shirdon Saaid’s job was the last outstanding post left. Saaid, a political newcomer, has been a prominent businessman in neighbouring Kenya. It remains to be seen if he can handle the pressure of administrating Somalia with issues regarding:
4.5 Formula
The Sovereignty of the State
And building Institutions
Supporting the IDPs

The Prime Minister and his Administration have a tough task ahead of them. But with the determination we all putting effort too, one will surely prevail. He now has, with maximum, 2 weeks to form an administration and to make his presence felt. He unquestionably has to bring in new faces that are qualified to the task. This is the key to change. We have altered and reformed with new individuals and now is the time to continue the trend.

Somalia is consisted of millions of citizens so he must question himself, why are we only faced by pupils, who have corruption circling their careers, wanting governmental posts? He has to search far and wide over the oceans to pick top candidates for positions.

Mr Prime Minister, do what is right for Somalia and never accept rewards for favours. Please realise that wealth is temporary but history is permanent.

We are willing to support the Government and we are waiting for your programs. Change has come to Somalia. Just make it the right change.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Tedx Mogadishu and what took you so long Foundation did an event called Social Good Summit, where they showed how technology and Mogadishu is keeping pace together. They invited me to do an interview on the benefits of what technology had brought to Mogadishu. Technology has changed the world, no doubt. It was a brilliant moment to showcase that Mogadishu is reviving and surviving despite the chaos it has faced over the past 21 years.

Here is a short preview of the video (see if you can spot me) and be sure to tune live on September 24th, at - 1pm Mogadishu time (11am GMT). It will make you feel inspired and give you a different prospective of Mogadishu. The beauty of its people and the city as whole will sure make you smile.

Care to enjoy.

I will also do a summary report on the event come tomorrow evening. Stay Tuned!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Thursday, 20 September 2012


There was a double suicide bombing today, both in a restaurant where a lot of politicians, journalist and ordinary people come to chill, drink coffee and socialise. 14 people were killed, including 3 young journalists, with 60 injured. My condolences go out to their family in this tragedy. Those involved must be caught and put to justice.

 Enough is enough.

 I’ve been to this restaurant a lot of times and know personally the owner. He use to live in London, like me, and came to Somalia to help the progress the country is going through. He created a lot of jobs for the unemployed and now so many people are feeding their families because of his vision. He also has 2 other restaurants in Mogadishu. From what I heard, he’s safe and was not present when it happened.

We thought we had all moved on. Yes we did but we haven’t moved on to an extent where we must all unite, the people and the government, against al-Shabab. This terrorist organisation must and will be stopped immediately. We all need to be aware and alert to mark out any suspicious behaviours and movements. We have to report what we hear and see. I am sure the community is scared but we need to put our fears aside for our future and our children.

This will not stop our progress.

 We have come so far to bow to their pressure. Allah is on our side and we will exterminate them from the face of the earth. Inshallah!


Deeq – Editor - PPG

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, New Somali President,
being sworn in

We got ourselves a new chief in Town. Incumbent president Sheikh Sharif handed over the leadership to Hassan Sheikh in a ceremony that had African Leaders and Arab representatives present with our Turkish counterparts.

 It seemed incredible to witness this historic moment. Remember Somalia had ever only had 2 elections since our Independence in 1960. Throughout that time, Siaad Barre was leader of the country through a dictatorship regime. But we must also recognise Siaad Barres era was the most successful period Somalia has ever witnessed.

We have seen better days Somalia but personally, I haven’t. I was born in 85 and Siaad Barre’s Government collapsed in 91. Come the next year, I was off to London, England. But I have read, watched and listened to countless times the days of Siaad Barre. How the country was the most powerful nation in Africa and Mogadishu winning countless time as the cleanest City in Africa.

Seeing my Fathers smile when Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was sworn in, I truly saw the excitement and the joy he was going through. I looked around the hall and there was a buzz about, a buzz that I cannot describe. The good days are coming back.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took over the helm with the full backing of the people. Those present at the inaugural ceremony was the leader of Djibouti, the vice Prime Minister of Turkey, Ethiopian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Uganda and several other representatives from the Arab Nations and Africa.

The ceremonial started with singing and dancing. We Somali’s are nation of poet and love to sing. You couldn’t possibly imagine that this time last year, it would have been impossible to get these entire guests in one hall, with music and dancing, without the possibility of a terrorist lurking someone amongst the crowd. It was a moment we Somalis took full control of. The globe was watching and we did ourselves proud.

One also has to give credit to Sheikh Sharif. He was the man who liberated the city free of Al-Shabab with the help of AMISOM. He has played a vital role in this battle.

Former President Sheikh Sharif handing over the flag to new
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (centre)
He handed over the rule to Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a briefcase, which reminded me of the red box that Chancellor of the Exchequer in England carries around but this time it was a brown box! It seemed very protocol and very professional. Head of leaders all spoke and so did the diplomats that were present. As a way of respect, people gave them time to talk but hardly anyone can remember what any of them said due to the fact that everyone was more eager to hear the new President speak.

When it was the time for him to talk and give out a national speech to the people, the whole hallway erupted in massive applause and singing of the national anthem. He was firm and professional. He needed to be as Somalia was going through a massive change but lacked any leadership. He knew it was the moment and the fact that all eyes were on him.

 He talked very directly, and briefly, about 4 agendas which have affected our nation and need to be addressed. 1 Security, 2 Economy, 3 Reconciliation, 4 National Unity. These four are a must for the President and will determine his legacy. But Rome was not build in a day.

It is a new era and a new leader. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is officially our President and I want to send my fall backing to him. I have every assurance in his capability and leadership. If anything, he is the one who can guide us, with Allah’s help, to lead Somalia as an established Nation which can be a force, once again, in Africa.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Welcome and know that you have all our backing with 100% commitment.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Friday, 14 September 2012


Group Photo

 Celebrations are complete and it’s back to the actual work. I got invited to a consultation arranged by SOYDEN where at least a 70 people attended including 4 MPs, where we all united ideas on how we can deal with the raising trauma cases across Somalia. As you would all know by now, Somalia has been ravaged by a deadly civil war which has lasted for 21 years.

It was a very interesting dialogue and it raised the benefit on how women can play a major role in this crisis and offer them a leading character which I agree 100%. Women are our Mothers, Sisters and the main foundation of each and single one of us. Their presence brought a fresh air into the environment in which they contributed quite a lot of knowledge. There were several ideas we all shared and contributed. It was a beautiful and a humble experience for me personally. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference to a degree where we exchanged networks with each other to bring more players into the dialogue.

What we now face is a young population who have seen so much throughout their young lives that it is impossible for them to wipe away the memories they have witnessed. Among the attendees were the 16 district peace committees of Mogadishu, each with 3 rep present. Each district sent 3 representatives from a peace committee’s that they have set up and chosen citizens from their counties. It was a privilege to be at the conference and I have learned a lot of knowledge from the dialogue.

Now what we need to do is put action into the ideas we contributed in order to help our people.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


New Somali President

It’s over, we have a new President. Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has beaten the incumbent President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed with an overwhelming majority.  The first round was won by Sheikh Sharif with 3 others behind and Hassan Sheikh on second place.

The final round, 2 other candidates withdrew from the race where it was left with outgoing president Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh. Hassan Sheikh absolutely smashed him to pieces.

More to come tomorrow.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Monday, 10 September 2012


This is the moment. The moment we have been praying for. 21 years of non-government problems and war with famine. 2 decades of our lives have been wasted on moving from one country to another. We have been given a chance by Allah to set our issues straight. Over 200+ MPs will secretly choose a President to lead Somalia.

Port of Mogadishu
There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes talk of candidates buying the seat and offering compensation in return for a vote. I pray to Allah that the MP’s realise they have the trust of the whole nation. Think before you vote. You are playing with our future. All eyes are fixed on you. Do not let us down like previous failed MPs who had only corruption on their mind. We are counting on you to select a fair leader with your hearts. Money comes and goes but a great leader can give every single Somali a brighter future. We have natural resources which have still not been found. We have Gas reserves, Oil, the longest coastline in Africa. We have been blessed to be located in a strategic position on the horn of Africa. When ships head for Europe, instead of going around South Africa, they cut from the Gulf of Aden which saves many months for them. The Gulf of Aden belongs to us.

With a maximum population of 15 Million Somalis, there was a recent study which was published that stated, with Somalia’s natural reserves, each Somali worldwide can get a share of at least 2 Million Dollars excluding the resources which can go back into the country. This is a staggering figure and we all just pray to Allah that, come tomorrow, the MPs refuse any cash offers but vote with a clear conscious.  
If they vote wisely, we can all prosper as nations who have suffered enough. Somalia was once the might of Africa, whether it came down to military, production or state of living. Mogadishu was the top holiday destination in Africa. We had it all but lost it in a moment of panic.

Mogadishu - 1988
Thanks to all our prayers, the good days are surely on the comeback. Allah has guided us to finally think straight and to fix this problem. I want to end this note with the now historic speech:

"Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your Country"
                                                     - John F Kennedy 1961


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)