Thursday, 31 January 2013


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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The other side of Mogadishu’s Youth

Long Live Somali Youths

What really pisses me off in this current world is the state of media and the power it has to send out a message with its own accord. Almost all media organization have a motto which consists of “Fair and balanced”, But this term has no relations to Somalia. 

Watching the news from outside Somalia, they always tend to label Somalia as the world’s most “failed state” or “land of the pirates” and most recent as “Terrorist haven”. Our young brothers and sisters have faced the most brunt of the force. 

Yes we do have problems, but to twist the tale to full blown propaganda, it can go a long way far but the truth is that the majority of youths in Mogadishu are so hard working and dedicated, despite living amongst the most problematic surrounding , they put a lot of western youths to shame.

I’m currently conducting a research, of course in my spare time, to write up a report about a group of Somali youths, who having witnessed so many traumas but are still dedicated hard working individuals. 

Please stay tuned!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Thursday, 24 January 2013



Adan Abdullahi Bare, busy at Trauma Training

In life, you come across so many people, those who live in your memory and those who are just another face in life’s endless cycle. At my work department with SOYDEN, I was privileged and honored to work alongside a gentleman with so much qualities and dedication to enhance the peace process in Somalia.

Mr Adan Abdullahi Bare, whom I have learned quite a lot of knowledge from, could have had it easy but chose to come to Mogadishu and pass on his wealth of information. Generally, most tend to always choose the easy route but from what I had witnessed from Mr Bare, the path to undemanding tasks is not an option.

Somalia is going through a real challenging development but with a lot of optimisms in the air for change, peace and prosperity. The road is not quite as easy as it seems but with determined citizens, it can lead to so many advantages to us as a whole.  One always tends to forget those who work behind the scenes with courage, commitment and determination, and Adan is one of those who contribute countless amounts of efforts to oversee the stabilization for Somalia.

  Speaking very recently to Adan, I asked him with great interest on why he chose to come to Somalia when he could have lived Wajir with stable peace, he answered frankly “I came over because Somalia is my neighbour and there in security affects me too and I also felt a great concern, and as an human, felt it is more than an obligation.”

Adan – the Trauma Healer and a founder member of Wajir Peace & Development Committee (WPDC), who also happens to be very optimistic, added “I see Somalia with greater security than now within a few months, let alone year!” The positivity of that remark caught with me like a contiguous spread. 

Leading the Trauma Healing and Peace Building project at my work department with SOYDEN, Not only is it helpful for me personally on having an individual with so much experience, but very useful for our wider community who he provides with trainings, reconciliation and healing sessions.

Individually, it’s a great privilege and an opportunity to enhance my wealth of experience and knowledge in the long run. “The day you stop learning is the day you die” was one very useful info I had always kept on my mind, and I believe this is where it plays best. 

Well done to my colleague and I am sure, in whichever field destiny takes him forward, success will follow.

Here I have added 2 awards he had won recently while in Kenya and wanted to share with you all.

21st September 2011During the 2011 International Peace Day, Awarded the 2011 National Peace Award by the government of Kenya through the Regional Commissioner – Upper North Eastern, Kenya

12th December 2012Head of State Commendation (HSC) Awarded by H.E Mwai Kibaki, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well Done Mr President, Well Done Minnesota!

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is welcomed in Minnesota, USA by the Somali Commmunity, with 5,000 in attendance.(Photos:

Patriotic youth in Minnesota.
Viewing the highlights following the recent trip our President and his delegation had taken, I had absolute joy and privilege to witness the unity of our people and a man who we could proudly say, is our leader. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who I had met in Villa Somalia (Civil servants conference he held matter of weeks after his election) and have admired from the very first day of his term, has really hit maximum points on impressing us with his integrity and his manner of handling our sensitive issues regarding the nation, at the same time raising the profile of our nation in taking part on interviews with international media’s. (Watch this CNN recent interview with ChristineAmmanpour.)

At first, we all must admit, we had no idea who he was, where he had come from or what his ambitions were as the first elected President in 40 years. All we knew was that change had arrived in Somalia and there was some type of buzz following him, wherever, or whatever he said. 

Kid puts up the fist sign, a slogan for freedom!
Always, dealing with sensitive issues must be handled cautiously, and the situation in Kismayo, although we all can guess has third party interfering, was no other. Personally, I believe he is right to tell Kismayo that Mogadishu must know and must be informed about administrating local government. Hassan Sheikh is the president and he must show his authority otherwise we will face very comparable issue where other states will try to start a copycat movement. 

Another major factor (chosen by our Prime Minister with the knowledge of the President) was in choosing 10 ministers, which, to my understanding, is a tactical move. We don’t have the infrastructure to deal with any more than, it’s simple as that. Previous administrations had far too many ministers, with a lot not even having an office space and only carrying titles (and this is not by any means dismissing.) Also, with 10 ministers, the administration can keep up with corruption (which was rife in the old admin) with precious monitoring and working together in a small effective team with the option of expanding ministers, maybe in 2 years time, when institution/infrastructure is in place and Somalia has risen up. 
Foreign Minister/Deputy PM Fowzia Yusuf Adam with President
The Prime Minister and the President had won us more when they chose Fawzia Yusuf Adam as the new foreign minister of Somalia and deputy Prime Minister. Fawzia, who hails from the northern region of Somaliland, in my opinion, was a great choice. This will provide a platform for Somalia and Somaliland to re-unite once and for all. It may not happen overnight, due to the sensitivity of the idea, but at least it will start up a network which we all hope to see bring us together. 

Another excellent example was the choosing of Maryam Qassim, (you can follow her wordpress here which shows the government is in touch with the world. Our mothers/women have been totally hurt and neglected in this 2 decades of war and it is finally time, which is way overdue, for them to take part in decision making policies.

Watching the reception our government received from the Somali community in America was not only emotional, but also sent out a message to doubters, we are with you Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the administration. There will be lot of ups and downs along the way, but in the long run, I am sure, this administration can deal with it. We are very optimistic, never had been more for previous administration but this one.

The only sad part is our President and his delegation will not receive the same hospitality which it did in the United States, when he arrives back in Mogadishu. That is the biggest shame really. I once told a friend, the Diaspora communities are really MORE wadani (patriotic) than locals, which is not intended as a criticism. He never believed me, Minnesota showed it and well done to the organizers and the community.

You can view the full video here -


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hospitality at Dharkenley - HILIB AARI!!
Just like a waving flag, and then it goes back! - Hodan
In my work department with SOYDEN, we had an opportunity, well for me anyways, but officially a survey which we had to conduct on an ongoing project. This gave ME the chance to explore this magnificent historic city and to witness firsthand how communities are coping in this post-war era. What I had encountered amazed me, a wiliness to work together from people and a mindset of “enough is enough”. 
Amazing hand painting - Xamar Jajab District Commissioner Office
District Commissioner of Waaberi (top left) cautiously listening on
16 districts in 6 days was the operation, 3 a day and a final one on the last day. Hospitality was absolute top notch and not a single let down. We had been offered Hilib Aari (goat meat, a favourite cuisine for us Somalis,) fresh Camel milk, unlimited quantity of drinks and full access to every single district commissioner. Every morning, we at SOYDEN will set off on an adventure, which I took it as personally expedition, to go out and conduct the inspection. It was real amazing to see people living their lives and going about with their business. One thing that really stood out was the lack of weapons in the streets of Mogadishu. When I arrived, almost everybody had some way or another an Ak-47 strapped on their shoulder, but since our government had introduced the banning of citizens who are not police/army cadets of carrying weapons, there have been some major improvements on seeing lack of weapons on our streets.

Carrying out the mission was one very eye opener for me and a real privilege. It made me witness a city I had been craving to visit all my life. One where my parents would enlighten me so much good stories of it but one as well where I could not really relate at all due to what I had been seeing or hearing about my beautiful city. My city had been victimized, abused, destroyed, hurt and neglected for a long time. 
Colleagues listen as DC Deqa (Warta Nabada) speaks on

Hawlwaadag Peace Committees meeting office!
We headed out into Dayniile district one day, about 20 minutes drive and we was welcomed with a whole jar full of Camel milk which the district had just milked fresh an hour before. This is what it’s all about, reviving our culture and dhaaqan back to its true values. 

On our journey we had encountered several stops along the way including my hometown Wardhiigley (Warta Nabadda what they call it now) Xamar Weyne, Xamar Jajab, Yakshiid, Waaberi, Kaaraan, Shibis, Shangani, Hodan, Dharkenley, Howlwadaag, Abdiazziz, Bondhere, Heliwa with the only exception being Wadajir (Security reasons).

Every district had their own way of welcoming us warmly, a tradition which has been always rich in our culture. The major concern we had was the lack of facilities for each district. This must be tackled and will be contributed to our survey.
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)
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