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Why I wear a Face veil

As you go regarding in your daily activities in Mogadishu, you cannot miss the amount of face veils on display. Almost all the women wear a full face veil. While conducting a quick survey on why a face veil is widespread, I couldn’t come up on a conclusion myself so I asked a young Somali woman to take her much appreciated time and write an article to explain on her reasons for Moga Tribune.
A face veil is an Arab tradition and not compulsory in Islam. Even when you do your pilgrimage at Hajj, the closes’ you can get to Allah (SWT), women cover themselves from head to toe but leave the face open as it isn’t an issue. Here’s her article:
For me, wearing a veil has a sense of Islamic identity. When you wear full hijab (covering of the head, neck, chest) there is no doubt that you are Muslim. You will not be mistaken for anything else but a Muslimah. The hijab provides me with an identity. I don't have to tell people she is a Muslim, as it shows.
The full face veil has its major benefi…

Have Faith Somalia!

Shocked? Yes. Terrified? No. Disgusted? Of course. Angry? Most definitely! What I had witnessed this afternoon has touched me so much. It’s so sad to see my beloved nation still being scarred by groups who have no moral or faith. I have witnessed a car bomb go off at Liido Sea Food, a popular restaurant right on the tip of the Indian Ocean.
Just after we had all thought the high times of Somalia was re-emerging, a car bomb was detonated today in Mogadishu where me and some friends, by the will of Allah, had escaped within seconds. The power of the bomb was the most shocking and loudest sound I had ever heard and would not wish on anyone to ever witness.
Recapping my thoughts while alone in my room, the saddest reflection evolving on my mind is why would you target a restaurant? What could you possible achieve? The ideology of some of my countrymen really is disturbing. This is not an Islamic action, no. This is a personal war being fought by groups who only want full control over Somali…
When one hears Somalia, one pictures famine and war. Somalia was formerly the powerhouse of Africa. A place were African leaders would approach to the former but now deceased Somali President, Mr Siaad Bare, for advice, capacity building and aid for their internal problems. 22 years on, Somalia depends on African nations for peace and Security.
We have a vast nation with the longest coastline in Africa, one language, one religion and one culture but are divided in mindset. We need to assemble trust with one another after so many difficulties and heartbreaks.
At this current rate, Xamar is a peaceful city. Everything looks back to normal. People are rebuilding their lives and livelihood. You do hear the odd bullet going off but this is due to some of the police force high of marqaan. The city is buzzing, and the Diaspora is coming back. The beaches are full, lot of traffic with the sound of car horns constantly on replay. I’ve met some Fellow Brits and quite a few American youths who, j…

Mogadishu's Lost Children

This is an article I wrote back on 24/07/2012. I re-published this to highlight the problem some of our young children are facing in the rapid progress the country is currently witnessing. Although the city is getting safer by the day, we cannot forget our young.

WHEN you travel in Mogadishu, Children have a large presence across the city. Everywhere you go, you see a child with a brush and tin full of polish. In the KM4 district, there are a lot of children with boxes of polish looking to shine anybody/clients shoes.
 As I was lingering around the neighbourhood, I could see older men treating the young children, some as young as 6, like they were “owned” for that 4 minutes of getting their shoe cleaned. You can see the lost and humiliation the child is feeling right across his/her eyes although one has to see the pressure the kid has in order to support his/her family and the value this income can provide. No child ought to face these responsibilities.
The kid would often charge for 2,0…