Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Team Somalia Olympics

The Olympics are taking place and the whole nation’s focal point is on London. Mohamed and Zamzam are our only Olympic hopefuls and damn are they making us proud already. I’ve always wanted to witness the magic flash of where I would be cheering on my fellow countrymen/women, wherever the situation.

These 2 young athletes have done us proud and moved us emotionally due to their personality, charisma and enthusiasm. They have witness more in their young lives then an average retiree British women or man have witness in their whole 60+ years. We are rooting for them, whether we are in Minneapolis, Mogadishu or Dubai. Just to see them representing us gives the young a belief and hope to pursue.

I can only pray and root for their triumph. Win or lose, we are proud as Somalis and I am sure the world is cheerful of them for coming over all these obstacles that where put in front of them.
Inshallah, Zamzam and Mohamed have already done us proud, now we have to show them the love back.


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The battle has began

The battle for Somalia has begun. With less than a month to go, Political leaders are commencing their battle to be elected for the president of Somalia. At the moment, there are presently over 10 candidates for running for presidency. The current transitional president, Mr. Sharif Ahmed, is once more running for presidency.

So what can we look forward to and who can we expect to see as the next Somali President?
What we as a nation anticipate is a President who is patriotic, ambitious and has leadership skills. If we expect Somalia to go somewhere far independently, then this is our only arrangement. We also anticipate a number of other things:
·         A god Fearing President
·         Peace Loving Leader
·         Trust Worthy
·         Neutral President
·         Honest
·         Imaginative
·         Positive mindset leader
·         Role – Model
·         Good Listener

Alongside these points I programmed, the leader of our nation needs to be an ambitious individual who has goals and targets to reach for him and for the nation. In order for us, the public to know who is who, I believe the candidates should also host a live TV debate to see how we can decide and how can we, as a nation see for ourselves the individuals personality as this is a key to get the nation behind you as whole.

21 years of a war which was all about greed and selfishness, one must in conclusion be able to say through experience, we need to work together. We need to live together and help each other for our children’s future and our own future. I am 26 years old and have been outside Somalia for 20 years. I was grateful enough to be born in Somalia. There are almost an extra 1 Million or more who were not fortunate enough like me to be born in Somalia. We are losing our culture fast and dramatically. One can only hope that we do not lose our culture, history and stories for eternity.

Whoever wins this next election should recognize a whole generation is rested on his shoulders. If he fails, he has God to answer. If he succeeds, then history will consider him as the 1 man who guided and held Somalia’s future while it was on the brink of extinction.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

The Lost Children of Mogadishu

When you travel in Mogadishu, Children have a large presence across the city. Everywhere you go, you see a child. In the KM4 district, there are a lot of children with boxes of polish looking to shine anybody shoes. As I was lingering around the neighborhood, I could see older men treating the young children, some as young as 6, like they were slave for that 4 minutes of getting their shoe cleaned. You can see the lost and humiliation the child is feeling right across his/her eyes.

The child would often charge for 2,000Somali Shilling, which is exactly 9 cents in US dollars, for a clean shining shoe. In those 4 minutes, it seems like the child is working as if they would earn about $100. The way they are treated and humiliated is absolutely disgraceful. They are sent by their parents to earn a living while the parent is either selling pastries in a food stall or begging across the other street.

Mogadishu has changed and it seems as if Mogadishu has forgotten its children. Things need to change and they need to change now. A new Legitimate government is about to open its doors for the first time in 22 years. The government must recognize there are a lot of problems to deal with in Mogadishu. They cannot just wave their hands across this problem.

The government must open up schools, recreation centre’s, trauma classes and teach people about the environment and how one can support or sponsor a child in their local community.
As the rich is getting richer, it really does seem the poorer will only get poorer.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Somalia needs a new leader with vision

One of the reasons why Somalia is a failed state is lack of leadership.

We have been ruled in the last 20 years by the wrong people.When a country plunges into civil war, people who should run it are either former ministers or those who played a role in the previous administration, meaning they have some experience about managing government.

To become a leader, you require certain qualities. In fact, in some countries, you need to go to special schools just to learn leadership skills. In Somalia’s case, our leaders do not have the capacity or the vision to lead the country.

;"> Here are two reasons:

First, how can you govern a country when more than half of it is controlled by your opponent?

Secondly, the Government of Somalia has had the military support of our brothers from Burundi and Uganda for more than two years, but they have been unable to secure the capital, let alone the whole country.

It is imperative that as a leader, you should have a plan of action to secure the area you are controlling.Clearly, if you don’t set the agenda, other countries and organisations will do it for you. By this I mean those countries that have interests in Somalia, as well as the United Nations and its agencies.

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has never gained legitimacy among the Somali population and is unable to improve security or provide basic services.

In fact, frustration is mounting among Western countries due to the failure of leadership, an issue that must be addressed urgently.

I suggest that the Somali leadership take advantage of the momentum while the whole world is focusing on the country. If they do not do it, fatigue will set in among these countries.A huge number of Somalis are in refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Yemen. But do the leaders care about these people? I doubt it.

It should be the government’s top priority to secure the capital, Mogadishu, so that the refugees can go back home.

The other issue is that the parliamentary system is unsuitable for a country like Somalia, which does not have the resources to pay MPs’ salaries. 

What is the use of having 540 MPs when people are dying of starvation while others languish in refugee camps?
Let me propose an idea. Somalia has 17 regions, excluding Gobolka Banaadir (Mogadishu). So let us say each of the 17 regions elects five people.The total will be 85 MPs. Now what we have left is Mogadishu. The city has 16 districts.

If we elect one representative for each district, the total will be 16 MPs. That means the country will require only 101 MPs instead of 540.

As the TFG’s term expires in August, I hope we shall elect a good leader who will guide the country in the right direction.

Just to give an example of how bad the TFG is, MPs do not have anywhere to meet. The leaders did not see the need to rehabilitate Parliament buildings. What kind of government is this?
Unless the situation changes, extremist groups will continue regarding Somalia as a safe haven. Somalia does need a new leader with vision. What we have now is nothing of the kind.

Courtesy of Abdi "Kamas" Abdulle Nur (Somali - Canadian Philosopher)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

No Turning Back

2 decades of constant violence and war equal to famine and depression. From here, there should be no turning back. This is it. We cannot fail to look back and waste this opportunity of peace and prosperity because of a few dozen. Every political establishment has its own corrupt side and its own legitimate side. A few corrupt officials do not need to take us back to the doom and gloom of the 90’s and late 2000’s where we had atrocities were one cannot imagine.

Recently, as you may have heard or have not, there was a recent report detailing the Level of corruption within the Somali Political circle. This should not in any form harm our peace process.
I don’t not want to get into details on this due to the legitimacy of the report still being investigated, but it should not get in the way of our transaction from an acting government to a full legitimate political transition.

However, if this reports investigation does state that it is true, then we need to clean up our politicians. And we need to act fast.

My next report, which will hopefully be posted come Friday, I will be talking to the locals and interviewing mogadishians who have been living through the war about their feeling towards the Diaspora coming back.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Feel free to contact

I have noticed that this Blog has recently been having quite a few hits from a range of Countries worldwide, Please feel free to email me at mogatribune@gmail.com on any related topics that you feel you would want to discuss or if you have quires regarding any issue.

I would try and deal with your emails as swiftly as possible.

Thank you

Deeq - Editor - PPG


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Diaspora is back

Within their 1000’s, plane after plane is landing. When you reach the immigration section in Aden Abdulle, there are two different sections, the Somali Nationals and the Foreign National. I am a Somali but had to go through the foreign section due to the fact I carried a different passport. Word in the street is the foreign section is outnumbering the national section 8 to 1. Days go by when the National section can be pretty empty and staffs have to fill in the foreign side.

Walking in the city, you can now notice who is a Diaspora and who is a local. Nike’s, Ralph Laurens and a rare glimpse of a Louie Viutton is being wavered around in Mogadishu. Just recently, I had the balls to bring my Ray ban Sunglasses from my suitcase. We are back; you may not believe this but you actually seeing the revival of a great city.

One only has to feel enough safe to be secure. We have young women from the Diaspora walking around with their head hardly covered. Now, of course we are a Muslim nation, and thank Allah, but you also need to be tolerant. One cannot judge ones clothes when ones action is totally un-Islamic.

Truly, and Alhamdulillah Mogadishu is reviving and I can only praise Allah to be witnessing history in the making.

Freedom isn’t far, all we need now is to push even further and patiently, I am sure we can witness a Different City within 4-6 Years Inshallah.

They are estimated that 1 Million Somali’s are coming back to Mogadishu within a Year’s time.
Do not be the other million and miss out.

Free Somalia

Deeq – Editor - PPG

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Business is Booming in Mogadishu

Today was a day in which I had to glance into the past and future. Mogadishu was known for its beach resorts and restaurants on the tip of the white sandy beaches. I went to Liido Restaurant, a new restaurant opened by a London Diaspora who brought together a few business men to set up eating place right in the backdrop of the ocean. 

As soon as the guards searched and tapped us, A thing I got use to since I came here, we entered into a Large hut, going round in circles, with only the roof covered. I thought, if this is Mogadishu, then we are finally going places. 

When we took a seat, I looked over seeing couple familiar faces from back in London. When we started greeting each other, we all had one thing on our minds, we are home. 

Do not get me wrong, it’s not all gloom in Mogadishu, there is still poverty around but my vision on this blog is strictly on security means.

The food was not so bad itself, only a slow service, relatively due to inexperienced staff, but as a whole, I was impressed. I was impressed on terms of feeling secure and feeling relatively stress free.

They say in Mogadishu, you can now hear more nails banging then bullets. I can testify on that.

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


Friday, 6 July 2012

It feels good to be back at Home

Wow, Wow Wow Wow is all I can say. I went to Liido Beach today and Have never felt that amount euphoria in my life ever before. To actually be back home in my Beach and my Land, Absoutly Incredible.  

We woke up at 7am and haven't been that excited in my life before ever. font-family: Georgia, serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px; text-align: left;"> I haven't sleep at all last night due to the fact that I was so eager to go for a swim. Just incredible. I remember as a child when in school back in London, every summer my classmates all use to discuss what their summer plans where. one would jump up and state how he would be going to Morocco and another would jump up boasting that Turkey is the Ultimate holiday destination.

 I always knew Mogadishu beat them all but was never brave enough to say it due to the fact that we had constant war and violence. Stuff that, now every Somali child growing up can say Stuff that, I'm going Mogadishu and nothing compares to Liido Beach.

If you can only come and view the breath-taking views across the sandy beaches when on top of the rock cliffs, you wouldn't have a clue.

 We are slowly coming back and we are slowly rebuilding our Great City, once known as the "White City" due to its white Italian architect buildings. Inshallah We will be the Global Power we once where.

INSHALLAH Long Live Somalia, Long Live Mogadishu

 Freedom is a Must

 Deeq - PPG - Editor


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Freedom is Rising

ONE WEEK, And I can pretty much say, I am home. All I see are people who are the same race as me.

Xamar is a peaceful city at the moment. Everything looks back to normal. People are rebuilding their lives and livelihood. You do hear the odd bullet going off but this is due to some of the police force high of marqaan.

 Amid the Ruins,The city is buzzing, and the Disporia are coming back. Ive met some Fellow brits and quite a few American youths who, just like me, are back on home soil since, a few of them their first times, childhood.

People are walking about freely. I catched a Matatu bus (Local Bus service) to visit some of my uncles and I must say, it felt real blessing to be able to travel by bus in my hometown. I never in a million years ever thought i would be able to travel freely in Mogadishu. You only have to see it to belive it.

Inshallah I can hopefully post up some pictures to actually make you feel and see how it is back home.
Now all we got to do is wait for August 20th Presidential Elections, and hopefully 4 more years Mr Sharif.

Deeq – PPG - Editor

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Somalia - Independence Day - 52 Years

1st July 2012

Happy 52nd Birthday Somalia. Within 13 Years, Somalia would be in a Pension Scheme. What have we achieved in those last 52 Years?

Somalia has been to the top of the Mountain, Right down to the bottom. If there is a rollercoaster full of twist and turns, Then Somalia practically beats it. We have achieved so Much in those last 52 years and have thrown it all away. I am currently in Mogadishu, Somalia’s Biggest City and main capital. So far, I haven’t seen anything which makes me feel unsafe. Yes there are guns everywhere and yes, this is a fragile calm feeling across the city, but when you look around, if feels as everybody has had enough of war and long lasting conflict which has ruined life’s and peoples properties.

I’ve been here for 4 days and I feel as if I can stay here for the rest of my life. I am among my people and I am at home. Nobody can take that away from me. I feel proud of being a Somali more than ever. The last time I was at home, I was 5 Years old and can hardly remember anything. All my uncles and aunts telling me stories in which I have no vivid memory of. One uncle is stating the fact on how I use to bit his ears; another aunty is telling me how I use to hide her shoes. I haven’t got 1 memory of it.

I can Inshallah Guarantee 1 thing; my children will not tell me or go through the same thing as I did. I am grateful my parents took me out of the war and raised me in London so that I will not be raised in Violence but instead go back and educate my people.

I love my Somali’s and this is the reason why I have come back, to educate and help my people. I don’t know about you, but I am willing to stay here for as long as Allah wills me.

Happy Independence day my people, hopefully next year Inshallah we can ALL celebrate together back here in Mogadishu.


Mohamed Hassan (Dj)