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Coming to Mogadishu with a national Airline company which belongs to Somalia, I don’t think you can better than that. We first circled around Mogadishu, looking at beautiful waves hitting the white Sandy beaches of Xaamar Cadde.
The first thing that hits you when you land is the beautiful backdrop of a blue ocean sited right next to Aden Abdullah Airport. This is a beautiful city and a beautiful Country. I landed at Aden Abdullah International Airport at 13.35pm, from go, my head was asking itself, Why cannot I live here?  
When you step outside Aden Abdullah Airport, the first thing you realise is the amount of AK-47s people have. But these people are not warlords, they have been tasked to lookout for trouble-makers and any Terrorists looking to de-stabilise Mogadishu. I was told by my father, who picked me up, that this is nothing compared to last year where everybody somehow carried an assault rifle. If this is nothing, then I wouldn’t want to image last year.
As me and my father,…

Can Somalia follow Egypts Footsteps and be Free?


As you all have heard by now, Egypt has broken free from the chains of "Mubaraks Connection" Politics. Even though the military has still gripped into its power, Egpytians can sense freedom due to the fact that the people have recieved their gift, Mohammed Morsi as the First Democratically elected President.

Mohammed Morsi, Who beat Ahmed Shafiq, The Western Worlds man, to the Presidential Election is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the outside world, when one recalls anything to do with the term Islam or Muslim, people tend to be cautious.

Mr Morsi is the people's choice. If the rest of the world cannot deal with it, then they will have to get use to it!

I just pray to Allah that Somalia can be the same. If 100,000 Somalis protested outside Mogadishu Stadium everyday with national unity, pride and love for Mother Somalia, Then I am sure we can grip free from this nightmare we are currenty facing.

Free Somalia!

Deeq- PPG - Editor



 The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia's(TFG) time is coming to an end. What have they achieved and What is the future outcome of Somalia?

 Recently, as August 2011 up until the day I am writing this blog(22/06/2012, Mogadishu, Somalia's Capital has seen major changes to its Terror and Destruction over the last 22 years of Civil War. Somalia has moved over from Clan based battles to Ideology Warfare. It has reached to the point where one is considered Disbeliever just for listening to music. And where another is labelled an "Al-Shabab", A bunch of Criminals looking for Fame and are being instigated by a third party to cause havoc and terror among Somali's, Just for loving the Religion of the Almighty Allah.

 Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Somalia's Interim President, Has in my opinion done a lot for us, As Nation of Somali's. One can speculate how no real change has arrived in Somalia but you…