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Tedx Mogadishu and what took you so long Foundationdid an event called Social Good Summit, where they showed how technology and Mogadishu is keeping pace together. They invited me to do an interview on the benefits of what technology had brought to Mogadishu. Technology has changed the world, no doubt. It was a brilliant moment to showcase that Mogadishu is reviving and surviving despite the chaos it has faced over the past 21 years.

Here is a short preview of the video (see if you can spot me) and be sure to tune live on September 24th, at - 1pm Mogadishu time (11am GMT). It will make you feel inspired and give you a different prospective of Mogadishu. The beauty of its people and the city as whole will sure make you smile.
Care to enjoy.

I will also do a summary report on the event come tomorrow evening. Stay Tuned!
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


There was a double suicide bombing today, both in a restaurant where a lot of politicians, journalist and ordinary people come to chill, drink coffee and socialise. 14 people were killed, including 3 young journalists, with 60 injured. My condolences go out to their family in this tragedy. Those involved must be caught and put to justice.

 Enough is enough.

I’ve been to this restaurant a lot of times and know personally the owner. He use to live in London, like me, and came to Somalia to help the progress the country is going through. He created a lot of jobs for the unemployed and now so many people are feeding their families because of his vision. He also has 2 other restaurants in Mogadishu. From what I heard, he’s safe and was not present when it happened.

We thought we had all moved on. Yes we did but we haven’t moved on to an extent where we must all unite, the people and the government, against al-Shabab. This terrorist organisation must and will be stopped immediately. We all nee…


We got ourselves a new chief in Town. Incumbent president Sheikh Sharif handed over the leadership to Hassan Sheikh in a ceremony that had African Leaders and Arab representatives present with our Turkish counterparts.
 It seemed incredible to witness this historic moment. Remember Somalia had ever only had 2 elections since our Independence in 1960. Throughout that time, Siaad Barre was leader of the country through a dictatorship regime. But we must also recognise Siaad Barres era was the most successful period Somalia has ever witnessed.
We have seen better days Somalia but personally, I haven’t. I was born in 85 and Siaad Barre’s Government collapsed in 91. Come the next year, I was off to London, England. But I have read, watched and listened to countless times the days of Siaad Barre. How the country was the most powerful nation in Africa and Mogadishu winning countless time as the cleanest City in Africa.
Seeing my Fathers smile when Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was sworn in, I truly sa…


Celebrations are complete and it’s back to the actual work. I got invited to a consultation arranged by SOYDEN where at least a 70 people attended including 4 MPs, where we all united ideas on how we can deal with the raising trauma cases across Somalia. As you would all know by now, Somalia has been ravaged by a deadly civil war which has lasted for 21 years.

It was a very interesting dialogue and it raised the benefit on how women can play a major role in this crisis and offer them a leading character which I agree 100%. Women are our Mothers, Sisters and the main foundation of each and single one of us. Their presence brought a fresh air into the environment in which they contributed quite a lot of knowledge. There were several ideas we all shared and contributed. It was a beautiful and a humble experience for me personally. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference to a degree where we exchanged networks with each other to bring more players into the dialogue.
What we now face is a young…


It’s over, we have a new President. Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has beaten the incumbent President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed with an overwhelming majority.  The first round was won by Sheikh Sharif with 3 others behind and Hassan Sheikh on second place.
The final round, 2 other candidates withdrew from the race where it was left with outgoing president Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh. Hassan Sheikh absolutely smashed him to pieces.
More to come tomorrow.
Mohamed Hassan (Dj)


This is the moment. The moment we have been praying for. 21 years of non-government problems and war with famine. 2 decades of our lives have been wasted on moving from one country to another. We have been given a chance by Allah to set our issues straight. Over 200+ MPs will secretly choose a President to lead Somalia.

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes talk of candidates buying the seat and offering compensation in return for a vote. I pray to Allah that the MP’s realise they have the trust of the whole nation. Think before you vote. You are playing with our future. All eyes are fixed on you. Do not let us down like previous failed MPs who had only corruption on their mind. We are counting on you to select a fair leader with your hearts. Money comes and goes but a great leader can give every single Somali a brighter future. We have natural resources which have still not been found. We have Gas reserves, Oil, the longest coastline in Africa. We have been blessed to be located i…


Current President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, held a congregation for all his supporters  at the newly opened City Palace Hotel, which drew a whole lot of all-stars. amid the crowd, were MPs, former leaders, comedians and members of all tribes across the country. Former Prime Minister, Mohamed Ali Gedi, Alhus Sunna Wal Jameyca leader AbdulKadir Maacalin Nur, Top Police Generals, Army Generals and current mayor Mohamud Tarsan. Also in attendance were former rivals for the seat but who now are pushing Sheikh Sharif for Another term in the seat.
What stood out from the crowd was the amount of people who came from the Diaspora to give their backing for Mr Sharif. And as usual our women, god bless them, kept up the spirit in the hall with poetry which constantly got Huge applause each time they sung it even to the point Mr Sharif had to get involved and sing along.
He came up at the end to finalise the gathering. Put up quite a few jokes here and there. The biggest shock came when his wife, live o…


Confident, some were assertive, dull while motivated. Ambitious, few had no ambition or little planning. Others had Personality and only 3 or 4 were destined to be great leaders. Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad etc... Just some character personalities I listed while observing and listening to each nominee one by one, expressing his goal for Somalia. You may have examined my last post titled The Great Debate Part 1.

Today’s scrap was little appealing. Was it because it was done in the morning when I was fresh with a cup of coffee and had full attention or was it that part 1 left me exhausted because it ran deep into the night? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I was persistently writing notes on each candidate. I want to keep my personal opinion on the presidential candidacy to myself.  This is due to the fact that I don’t want to come across as being biased when the motto of my blog is “Fair, Balanced and determined.”
That said, enough of me. To their advantage, The nomin…


A live debate and talk by the Presidential hopefuls took place tonight. This was a chance for the candidates to convey their ideas, To the selected MPs who will be voting, on how to outline the future of our great Nation and vision for Somalia.

We've seen the front 3 top favourites, current President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Gass and Mohamed Farmaajo. It was a pale but very straight narrowed speech by the 3. There was no tit for tat speeches like before, just a very professional manner in which all the candidates gave out. Every expectant had 45 minutes to sell his ideas. And they did what they had to do.
The room was at first, very serious. It looked determined, and it should be. But its amazing what a little bit of humour can do.
The biggest cheer of the night came for Salad Ali jeelo, a man who had a personality that lit the entire room. He came in with a broad smile and, reading constantly from his notes, it did not look as if he really wanted the presidency b…


Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country -John F Kennedy
Well, so many delays, roadblocks and obstacles where put in front of us. But its looks as if things are going to plan, but behind schedule. But other than that, the selected MPs, who were sworn in the day the presidential election was suppose to happen, 20th August, have a tough challenge ahead of them. 26 Presidential candidates, each paying $10,000 each for the registration fee are now fighting for the top seat. You may have read our article; HOUSE OF SPEAKER SEAT CHOSEN, HOW? This fully explained the procedures on the election.
You see, the predicament we are now facing is picking a person in charge who will not win on the amount he/she’s has paid behind closed doors, but of their leadership skills. But if we think positively, this is a remarkable moment. This is an occasion Somalia has to demonstrate we are capable of changing the path of our future. We must now all drive forward togethe…

Public Notice - New Look, Same Vision

I want to thank firstly, to my loyal readers and those of you who come to my page from time to time. So many of you are coming from the four corners of the globe to see first hand, and experience, my journey in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Secondly, due to the public demand, I want to welcome you to my new design at Moga Tribunal.

Out with the old, in with the new.

But not you worry, just because we have changed our design, does not mean I have changed the vision of this Blog.

Stay tuned for more great articles!

Mohamed Hassan (Dj)