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Support our Troops

Exactly 4 years ago, doing simple things like what I am doing now, speaking to young men my age within the military, would have got me into a lot of trouble. You see when Al-Shabaab was in control of the capital, you wouldn’t dare approach any individual within the army. This would mean either you’re providing intelligence or are planning to excute an order. But with the enemy at the back foot, I wanted to spend as much time with these young guys who are always in the headlines and see for myself inside the everyday life of our soldiers.

“Dayuusbora Dayuusbora” shouts out a young soldier named Arabay, not his real name but was given to him due to speaking with a heavy tongue. “Moriyaan Tartiib Kaabo” I jabbed back. “Moriyaan” is a term, which recently I was told is quite frequent among foreigners to take it back to their own countries to label any menace, used for a trouble maker who sits in checkpoints with the intention of collecting a self-controlled tax on passer-bys or any activit…